Christmas event, gem situation and PC version update

_ Since it is Christmas time, and many game companies are having giveaways, it was time for Flare Team to do the same which they did. _

_ But was it enough? I didn’t think so. _


  • _ The facebook event lasted less than 24 hours and that was definitely not enough. I missed that event even though I was following it but since we have lives outside the internet, these kind of events should last longer. _
  • _ With the last update, we had more valuable stuff coming out of the chests, but on the other hand, we found out that the gem rewards for the achievements highly decreased. This makes the giveaways “give and takes” and many players including myself got angry on this. It should be arranged more carefully and players had to be informed on this with a clear notification. I only like surprises of getting more gems not less :slight_smile: _
  • About the windows update, many players couldn’t play because of the technical issues and the only thing we could get was the compensation if we spent any gems, which is good. But how about the compensation for the time we lost and achievements we could get within that specific of time? I’m not saying Flare should give millions of free gems ( would be nice though :wink:
  • _ Marketing strategy is getting worse with the reduced amount of gems, everything is too expensive already and it takes ages to upgrade something in our kingdoms; and this is the only game left I’m playing with pleasure. I left playing many games before because of their marketing strategies were getting greedier every day. I really do not want to give up this game too. If you say it is free2play, please let it stay truly free to play. _

_ Merry Christmas and Happy new Year everyone _

I got a lil present for anyone who has the odasity to whine about the sise of a Christmas Gift.


Are you reeady for your present??

open your mouth here comes the airoplaneeeeee


that big enough for ya?