Christmas Festival with No Presents

Clicked on the first battle. No chance to win presents, just medals. Like any other battle.

And I’m having far more bugs and being booted than ever before.

No way, AGAIN, for Win8.1 pleyaers to upgrade the game. Took TWO AND A HALF MONTHS LAST TIME with Flare blaming MS and MS blaming Flare AND NO TAKING RESPONSIBILITY.

Thanks. You’re already starting to ruin my holiday.

Are you on windows mobile?

A friend of mine is also having major trouble updating to 4.4.2 (not even 4.4.3) on win8.1 mobile.

On windows 10 pc everything is working fine and all updates pop up in the store pretty quickly.

Well waited a few hours and the festival seems to have sorted itself out. So yay for that. Now you just have to work on stopping the crashes and having to watch videos multiple times to get the reward.

Yes, I’ve been automatically upgraded to the newest edition. So another yay for Flare, after the absolute nightmare of last time.

Okay, as the problem is solved i am locking this thread.