Christmas Festival

the Christmas Festival, was today Thursday December the 20th the 1st day of this Festival?

I thought the first day of any Festival gave the player a chance at 2 Chests on the first day

and 1 chest for each proceeding day. Tonight I got my first chest, but not an option for a 2nd.

I am just curious.

Yes you are right. On the first day the system gives players a chance to get two chests. Though i don’t know the exact thing but mostly you have to collect the first chest with in 12 hours** of the starting of the event to get a chance to get 2nd chest. If you collect the first chest after that you won’t get the second chest. 

**not confirmed by flare. But it’s Somewhere close to 12 hrs. Speaking from experience. 

I was not given the possibility to get a second chest too. Pretty disappointing. Probably the last huge compensation was balanced in this way.

Regarding the 12 hours, it was not confirmed anywhere and by experience this is not true. Usually, you have two chests in a row, you don’t have to wait 12 hours to get the second one and/or you have to do the first one within 12 hours. More than once I got mines just few hours before the second day of the event.

I got both chests yesterday so maybe @**KamakshyaP **is rigth.

If confirmed, this means that flare added a new bs “feature”…so Flary.

It has nothing to do with waiting 12 hours between 2 festival chests on first day. 

As soon as the event starts, you have almost 12 hours to get 15 crowns and collect the first festival chest. If you accomplish that in time, you get the opportunity to collect another 15 crowns for a second chest. It’s a bug they never fixed.

So make sure you collect the first chest on first day, before time expires, then you get the opportunity to get a second chest on the first day. 

It’s one of these 2 things:

  1. the first chest has to be collected before the next day’s daily chest is available.

  2. the first chest has to be collected during the first 12 hours.

Hehe, I never did care about time or something else and always received both chests. I’m lucky. ?

Every fest chest is valid for 36 hours from what I’ve seen and on day 1, there’s a bonus chest that needs to be collected within 12 hours, as if it was dropped 1 day back.