Christmas ideas : player can decide the game as his look

I think many players have ideas espacially for the Christmas update : FG can rely on our suggestions 

I have personaly a few ideas

Why you don’t write them down so ? =)

1)  A new type of chest : the present chest.  We can give it to an other player, friend or not, i don t know yet… We can win it in the ninja event on islands where there is no uber chest or we can buy some of these chests in granny store (with gold)

Because i want to know other ideas before (maybe my ideas make me a loser)

YOU created the topic YOU start with them  :grinning:

  1.   The Christmas items  (in Halloween update, Halloween items; in ninja event, island items)

The Santa Claus hat = more power to avalanche spell

The old shoes = more chance in the chamber of fortune and 10% of chance that the object is better , and one commun present chest when you beat with 3 crowns (it is limited at 5 per days)


  1. Monk boost with Santa Claus appearance  = the monk has more healing power and he can produce knights (sprites) when he deads, like a living dead mummy boosted


  1. For Christmas, a new type of alliance (only alliance, maybe not friend because it can be very abused) : when you upgrade something:
  • You look at a video to down construction time


  • You ask alliance help : each member can down 1% of the upgrade (in the best alliances, it can be -65%, so maybe - 5-10 min per member is better, i don t know)

Got some more for ya,

Santa’s sledge (shoes) - Ice Resistance, Ice Resistance

Santa’s stick (sword) - Normal Damage, Blizzard, Blizzard.

St. Nicholas (hat) - Leadership, Ice Damage, Ice Damage

Santa’s belt (belt) - Luck, Froster attack.

Santa’s charm (ring) - Leadership, Monk health.

Santa’s coat (armour) - Health, Hero Health, Hero Health.

Santa’s gloves (gloves) - Normal Damage, Leadership, Slowdown.


Not the best names but something to look at :slight_smile:



Christmas community week (but with 7 secret special days)

A Santa event where you fight against his elves


10 side quest in the dungeon during the season and all rewards are gems (starting at 100 and ending in a 1000 gems).


During Christmas 100% change to open all three chest successfully in the chamber of fortune.


It takes a lot of pen down a new idea because of this fear of rejection. It is a documented fact that only 10% of the world population is able or rather willing to create new ideas. About 50% is willing to add to new ideas and 40% only read about all of these ideas and will never contribute anything.

Well done Florian1er - today you are one of the 10% new idea people. :slight_smile:

Or the probabilty is just increase : because if it is 100%, i will attack with my bread (92 per attack) and i will attack person who gives me 1 or 2 trophies and i have all the chests ? It is a little abused so just an increase is already nice 

Elves for me they are good and like to help people and create gift. For me the event of Christmas must be with leprauchun or goblin. yeah should be great to have special Hero equipment who add special boost or special effect. Why not make something funny its Christmas like you have a Christmas hat that allow you to be more generous for all things : more troop donation,more gold donation for alliance,etc… Why not if you have Christmas Boots you can jump over spike or give you 50% more speed.Each piece of equipment give a bonus. Like Aura Kingdom or other game like RPG, each part give bonus but if you find all part give you more bonus

Why not give us a special quest, you have from December 1st until December 25th to obtain the full complete set of Christmas via Chest : Head,cape,shoulder,etc… If completed that give you huge bonus in the games for 7 days : December 25th to December 31th like 20% more gold in battle,more speed,spell do 20% more damage,etc…give you a little feeling of power of Santa Claus

Why not like other said make a Christmas Customer Event during all December : We gonna have 4 special event, one each week and together they are additional

We need something really big in December. its Christmas c’mon

bring Winter mini game, only during December special Christmas Chest for 500 gems contains 10 Legendary items, 2 Uber items, 20% chance to obtain one piece of Christmas Set and some rewards like gems,voucher and pearls

Modified the Christmas landscape or the winter one with Ice if you walk on it you are automatically slower by 20% you need speed boots to reduce the slower of ice, if someone don’t have speed boost just avoid winter landscape 

there is a lot of idea we can make

We can already do 80% so I think 100% is already useless

  1. Once day, You have a daily mission : If You Win it, You have money and gems (5 is a good idea i think). And in the chamber of fortune, You have present chests ! It is the only reason to include them in the Game and i think it is really a good idea, no ?

P.S. : The mission is a raid, of course, and it depends on your level.

I want to start seeing Elves! 

Maybe the Ninja Event becomes an Elves Event! 

Santa’s Elves turned Evil?

why not 75% discount on the Big Gem pack on Christmas?

And lots fo Uber Chests for all, probably another Community week.