Christmas present ?

In the war, chests have many and many awards, thanks FG ?

Please keep them for next war as well  :wub:

Maybe the later ones might be good. The initial ones had one melting item and few coins, probably later ones might be good.


Make holiday chests for the upcoming Yeti Event too :slight_smile:


yea that would be nice

i want to know what will we get for new year ?

thanks you Flare for this Holiday Chest :wub:

The daily ones were very nice. I received over a 150 gems and a good bit of pearls.


Uber Vouchers :wink:  

Load of tat in mine and some uber pearls :rolleyes:

200 in the chest of today, I Can almost have a lot of gems (i have 3500 vouchers, it rests me 1500), at the end of the war maybe ?

What is the goal to give us so much legendary holidays chest and Uber in War? when we cannot get the half of them? Ok Genie and Master we have a worst war map with just low alliance with less than half full and sure who nobody want to attack us but still with only 5 attacks. How its possible to get Uber Chest? With 20% skulls perks? its posssible to get more then 20% skulls perk?

I don’t see how you can get Uber in 45k,55K,65K and 75k

I agree with You, sometimes, You only attack and no alliance attacks You, so You have 2* less of skulls