Christmas s coming up so for Christmas the first time you log on they should give you ice armor,gauntlets,helmets,boots,or swords! Who is with me?!!

I’ll wake up on christmas morning to find that pyromancer has burned all my farms down :angry:

I think it would be fitting if frosters, frost tower & blizzard get a buff for winter

the frosters,frost towers,or blizzard spell get a free upgrade. or a snow monster for free

Puff Santa is preparing a bunch of free gems for the entire royal revolt community… Well not rally but It would be nice… Maybe some new spells where the hero could throw snowballs or make a call for some of those little elves Santa has…


I’m dreaming of a Revolting Christmas. Special gear for Christmas week, magic candy cane for sword with frost damage, substitute archers for mean little elves throwing exploding snowballs. Hey, a Christmas Present bomb spell like the Easter Egg from RR1. lol

Like I say every time THERE MUST BE EVENTS!!!

I’m wishing to my granny should wear like a santa clous… A surprise wish like GEMS… or the granny should let us choose 1 free legendary items that must be cool… :grinning:

If this will happen, it will happen for android users, they got androids instead of knights and a free rare hero item. Nothing for Windows:X

Nothing for windows ey. Nothing new there.


Granny’s are usually better than santa claus, My granny hasn’t been on the same page for a while now.

Hmm… why not turn archers or frosters into snowball-throwing elves, while the hero turns into santa claus and gargoyles drop (heavy! :wink:

A free item, like a sword;)

Yes, yes, yes, to all these ideas. Make it like a one shot event thing though, not something that requires massive grinding. Some of us have stuff to do over the holidays =)