Chromebook Keyobard Spawning?


For some reason, on my Chromebook, I cannot use 123 567 to spawn troops and activate spells. Does anyone know how I can fix this?


Thanks, and here’s to victory!


Can anyone help with this? I’m surprised no one is using Chromebook, for this game.

Thanks, for anyone who can help!


Wild guess:

the Chromebook uses the Android version of the game and that version does not include the option to spawn troops with the keyboard. Probably not needed in the Android version as this version is thought to be played on a phone or tablet with touchscreen only.

Spawning troops through keyboard is probably only supported on the Windows PC Version of the game.

But as I said: only a guess …


Thank you for responding. I still would love if the game developers could confirm, or anyone who uses a chrome book, but you may be right.


Hi ultimatelaugh,

Sorry for the very late reply. Indeed, Royal Revolt 2 has no keyboard support for this Android Version. Therefore it’s correct, what Eyja was saying:


Thank you for confirming!

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