Chronic Connection Issue

I believe this new ‘FORCED TO ACCEPT’-DEAL RR2 v.3.9.2, has everything to do with intermittent connection issue (difficult to log in/no video ads/sudden disconnection/server slow down), since its preparation period (v3.9.1) till implemented . FG is not players-friendly anymore.
Developer has to explain wth is this “The New European Data Protection Laws”, that could have Negative Impact to players gaming experience.
*PS: not all players are from European, so all players should not be forced-to-accept that new blah-blah
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what I just read?

That forced-to-accept new thing is GDPR (reply email from FG CS)
Anyone could help summarize what’s that all about? *simplified version, short version

Other players have same thought:


Hello, guys! We understand this might be confusing if you’re not aware of GDPR.

Here’s our new FAQ page about this change:

Additionally, this is the “simple Wikipedia” version of the article explaining what’s GDPR: Just change “simple” to “en” in the URL if you want the full details. (Also, Wikiwand is just a nicer skin over Wikipedia that I happen to personally like. Same contents, better layout.)

Hope this clears some things up.