Cinematic Castle Tours

*the following would be a lot of work, but well worth it.*

there are Royal Revolt 2 videos for many things, most are game mechanics

such as the series RR2 in a minute, showing you how to use units, and videos for Conquest, Alliance Wars, Festivals.

what I would love to see would be a cinematic castle tour.

when you click on your Blacksmith Building to either Forge or upgrade, you will find the Blacksmith with his little birdie.

this is the closest thing to what I am talking about (however still not there yet)


what I am talking about is the following:

you click on one of your Taverns , and you see an information button, an upgrade button, a production boost button,

but no video button. I would like to see this added; and then when a player clicks on the video button,

they would be shown a cinematic of the tavern full of your castle population eating/drinking/ and being merry.

you could show the serving staff, the bartender, the barmaids etc bringing castle folk their orders.

and getting all that gold ready to be sent to the Treasure Chamber

and you could do it in a way like the “Mr Bean”. videos  make it so any player from any country,

speaking different languages could understand by music ambiance and body language etc.


a players Farm would show food being grown, harvested and placed in carts ready to head to the silo.

the silo could have the food being brought into the silo and stored and processed for castle consumption

the Inventor’s Workshop could show workers making blue prints and working on plans for upgrades.

the wizard Tower could show Frosters/Pyromancers and Necromancers doing magic duels etc

the Troop Academy could show n00b recruits learning how to hold a sword or shoot arrows

the Treasure could show scribes counting gold coins, and guards wheeling gold sacks and stacks and bars into a vault

the dungeon gate could show the various monsters in their cells being watched over by guards

Granny and her monster could interact with castle folk as they go about their business

the Castle Guard could show the recruitment of newbie soldiers

the Blacksmith could be shown working with molten metal and applying pearls and upgrades to weapons and armor

a players Alliance tower (could show) the emblem of the Alliance they are in

and of cource the Throne Room could have you RR2 king and your castles Queen adviser in it


as stated this would be a lot of work, it could be a labor of love, spread out over all of 2019

but I think players would enjoy getting an actual tour of their castle, rather than just looking at it form a birds eye perspective.



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Hi Sinistereggplant, Thanks for the idea, but that is unfortunately not feasible.