Circle of Eden (CoE) recruiting fun and active members!!

Circle of Eden 

Alliance Level 10

English Speaking - “Open” clan invitation

Looking for long term, very active members with 1000+ trophies. Were gaining momentum very quickly!! The most competitive members will be promoted regardless of individual standings. New players welcome, but not eligible for promotion until 1k+ trophies is achieved. Check out the screenshot of the emblem and various alliance info. 

This is a NEW clan for NEW members that love the game…come join our clan and help us kick some @$$!!


All members MUST:

  • participate in every war, offense AND defense.
  • participate in clan chat to promote clan morale.
  • donate actively to promote clan standings. 
  • have FUN and be COMPETITIVE!!

We’re still recruiting! 3/15 members.


Nice and friendly alliance join us :slight_smile:


Still recruiting! 12/16 members and we dominated our first war…apply online!