claim for reimbursement

Dear Mr. @CaptainMorgan and other members of Flaregames, I am the Player :balance_scale: Sergio Moro General of Olympus Brasil, I hereby send this message to explain our discontent with the new model of wars, there were many updates and we were still affected by a BIZARRE error. As an alliance with only 2 members was able to participate in a war, where the minimum requested is 8 members? This is inadmissible, my covenant companions are dissatisfied with the permanence of these errors. Faced with this and other extensive issues, I kindly request a reimbursement of 500 gems for all members of alliances, as all invest heavily in prestige to have the best possible experience in a war. I also claim to receive the Gems for the Gods Challenge, the Olympus Rising Anniversary celebration, it’s been a long time since, and many are discouraged by the delay in making decisions and acting accordingly. We are waiting for a CONCRETE AND EFFECTIVE positioning of all of FLAREGAMES. We are all struggling to make OLYMPUS RISING a game that is different and fun for everyone! Thank you. :balance_scale: Att.Sergio Moro​:balance_scale: General of OLYMPUS BRAZIL

Lol, not gonna happen dude. Edit to add you don’t have to be a prick posting on multiple sub forums, they’ll be deleted.

(Also, Sergio Moro will be deemed as much worse than say Pablo Escobar by history.
This guy is one of the greatest criminals of all time.
Taking him as hero just shows how brainwashed a nation can be by media.)

I do not want to know about pablo escobar or if they will delete something, my dear … I just want to claim what is ours … and press the moderation of this game … they are being irresponsible.