claiming special tiles

What happens when multiple Alliances build towers next to special tiles to claim it. Neither of them will get the extra points? I assume it’s like that. Anyone knows?

My guess would be that the surrounding tiles explode and then game suddenly crashes and kicks you out for the remainder of the Conquest  

@Domikick It should be first come first serve. You cannot capture a tile that has already been captured.

Same for tiles close to each others tower.

The tower that was built first will keep control of common lands between 2 enemy watchtowers.

The tile is claimed by the tower that was build first. This is true in the situation when both towers have the same level.

When watchtowers have different levels, the tile is under control of tower with higher level.

What happens in case the enemy tower was built first but it will only take the special tile when it’s upgraded to level 2, and my tower started later will reach the special tile on level 1? The enemy tower was built first, but mine will conquer it first. Which one has the advantage? ?


This first higher level tower will claim.

Easy solution: (better than guessing)
Kill them all, let your ally be the one that can extract special tiles’ resources.
Problem solved


@FalseKing it looks like we can capture tiles that have already been captured.  ?

The tiles on the white area belonged to red team when both towers were lvl 1, but they were simply taken when yellow team upgraded their tower to lvl 2, leaving only the red tower there.



@Darkerion Thanks.