Clan of the Red Wolf - High Level Alliance Now Recruiting!



_ A _s our alliance has grown & with the advent of the Elite Boosts & upcoming Alliance Wars I have decided to make this page so that anyone serious about being part of a high level alliance can have that opportunity.  To this end we are recruiting members to be added each time a slot opens up, roughly once every 7-10 days.


_ Y _ou do not need to spend any real world money or have to watch videos to get gems to join, but we do have some preferred requirements that will guarantee acceptance, they are;


-  Be Level 80+

-  At least 3,000+ Trophies

- Won Diamond League (5 stars)

- Donate at 100K (Alliance Tower Level 8)


_ I _ understand it is not easy to achieve this level of game play for most people, so the absolute minimum requirements to be considered as an applicant are as follows;


-  Be Level 70+

-  At least 2,000+ Trophies

-  Won Gold League (4 stars)

-  Donate at 50K (Alliance Tower Level 6)


_ W _e are currently (as of this posting) a Level 26 Alliance with 31 members, 32% Gold Bonus & Ranked 113th out of all Alliances!


_ L _ong term goals include getting into the top 50 guilds, maxing out the membership cap, having continuous defensive & offensive elite boosts, and most of all helping each other out by giving advice & testing other members bases.


“lupus est homo homini” — “man is a wolf to man”

_                      Titus Maccius Plautus _



F or those interested in joining or applying please add your King’s name to this thread or apply in game!

Nice! i Like it…the rules and alliance name :slight_smile:

Ovoneus - I have made room and sent an in game invite to you.

I fit all of those requirements and donate 500k, but I only have 4 stars )’: Sorry.