Clan Wars Suggestion - What do you guys think?

Hi guys.


Here is my idea of clan wars which i am hoping there would be an update of in the near future. What do you guys think?


Clan Wars / Royal Wars1. Joining a clan war will be an option for a player at anytime. If he decides to join, there will be a button to click, "Go to War"2. It will cost 50 gems to join the Clan Wars.3. Clan wars will be between 2 teams of 10 Kings each chosen among players who opted to join.4. Once the system has accummulated 20 players, the war will begin.5. Teams will be determined by distributing the 20 players evenly according to current Rank.- For example, if player A is rank 100, player B is rank 200, player C is rank 300, player D is rank 400 and so on…

  • Red team consists of Players A, C, E etc… while Blue team consists of player B, D, F, etc.



  1. War will last for 1 day only. Players may attack other players outside of clan war normally as they want to. 7. If a player attacks players of opposing clan, he gains/loses triple the amount of trophies.8. No attack limit versus players of opposing clan.9. There should be a chat system among the clan only.10. Winning team will be determined based on the number of total trophies gained/lost by each player since they joined the war.11 Each player of the winning team will win 150 gems each.12. Every time a player wins 5 clan wars, he is given 500 gems.Why trophies versus medals?- Gives better chances for low rank players to win the war. Because if it is based on medals, high rank players especially those in top 10 will win ALWAYS.Why players of teams are random and no option to select members?- To avoid dominant clans to win wars. Because players who are always active and work together, they will always win- Gives chances for players to meet different people from different countries- Gives that element of challenge and surprise. You don’t know who you will be teamed up with.Why are players evenly distributed based on rank?- Gives that element of fairness


Why is there a 50 gem fee entry?

  • To determine that a player is actually serious of going to war. If it is just for free, then players would just join and then become inactive. You would then have a useless player on your team. However, if a player pays 50 gems, he would want to ideally get it back.i really think this is a good idea. i really thought about this thoroughly. This would make Royal Revolt 2 more exciting and somehow never boring.What are you thoughts guys? Feedback? Comments? How about from the Royal Revolt staff?

Oops, i just found out that Royal Revolt has post in Facebook regarding Clans. Anyways, i hope it would be a fair game after you guys introduce it.

For now we have to wait a few weeks, they need more time… do not be hasty.

However good ideas.

yeh… but it’s better if we can go to the outside world and communicate each other

There are some good ideas,but there should be some different criteria than trophies gains/loses(as it can be easily misused) otherwise people will just dump 200+ trophies either by opening their base or directly dump trophies on random bases before join clan wars.

That’s a strategy. That is why I suggested for it to be based on trophies. I think if you add more criteria, it would be complicated. Games are more appealing if they are simple and easy to understand.

Imagine MasterE participating in clan wars. He would have to dump his trophies then and would leave number 1 spot for a while. Atleast we would see a change in Top 10. It is kinda annoying seeing only him as number 1.

Just my idea. Hehe.

Nice idea. I hope the chat will be filled only with words which you can click like button. Because most of languages we have to translate with programs / to avoid bad words in chat.

Who knows your idea might be what they are adding soon =)

Yes, the idea is really exciting…I have only a question about to use only trophies as criteria…It still happens to me that a player goes for me, for example, 3 times in a row and what I often see? The first time the player get 4 trophies, the second 8-10 and the third he gets sometimes 3 sometimes 30 trophies!!! If a player go for me in a row, how is it possible to have a so wide difference? Btw, what I want to say is that if you’ll use only a trophies criteria (i know it’s simpler, but…) it would be a lot of problems…

i don’t mind if there is more to the criteria other than trophies. What’s important for me is that it’s gonna be a fair game for all and a considerably fair chance of winning regardless of rank. i don’t like having clans and alliances and then you get sick of seeing a team always number 1. Well, that’s my opinion of course.

@ Bladestorm, who knows? maybe you know. hehehe. can’t wait for the update. let’s go to war!!!

I think if one team/player win it every time then its because hes earned it unless hes proven to be cheating.Besides , this is a pay to win game.You can win as a free player but takes time and more effort.

It should be neither trophies or medals, trophies are too easily gained at low/medium level, high level are lucky to see 6 from a top 10 base most of which have to be scrolled on to 100%. Yes top 10 do get a high boost, but they have to pay far more in food 250 above level 100 I think, that means they get at least 1/3 less battles than a medium level player gets from a full silo and can only get a boost from other top players which again they often have to use scrolls to beat. Cost wise it is probably as cheap for a lower level player to win medals than a higher level player, taking into account potential scroll use and silo refill costs.

He is only the Nr. 1 because he spend more Time/Gems/Money then others in this game.All Kingdoms in Top 10 (20?) are more or less the same, very strong. At this time i think the best/strongest player in RR2 is HsMk.

i like all your ideas and suggestions. Still, i can’t wait for the new big update. Hopefully, it would come sooner than Christmas. Woot. Hehehe

humdrumbug is getting higher.

So for every 5 wins we actually get 1,000 gems , I like this idea.

it seems not to be… but great idea…