Hey guys, I wanted to know what is the benefit of a few alliances forming together into a clan? (I read in one of aether’s post that a group of alliances is called a clan)

If they are on the same map in war they will team up against people. They share players between the two. If they lose alot they will want to do this to avoid low morale in the alliance. Well that’s my view anyway

Hey^^ if they are in the same war map sharing players won’t be a good option I guess o.O coz the player who would interchange between alliances would have a 2-3days cool down!!

we use clan as another name for alliance a faction is a group of clans…usually they will not be equal in strength and lower one is training ground and rest place for higher lvl clan…lower clan members can go to higher clan in break times to use better boosts for running dungeons.

sure training, farm club, exchanging

We are having 5 wars today :open_mouth:


We will win about 4 wars bt may lose against the 5th but the fact I am happy is that our team will get a lot of magic chest this time