Clarfying the Official Announcements....



But the Ninja Event will proceed as planned, good luck not crashing!




They need time to test Maerique. We don’t have anything on a ‘fix’ that isn’t solving the crashes and might even make it worse. So I hope that’s the reason why they need more time. 

I thought we were their testing department @Dena4. :stuck_out_tongue:

But some announcements could do with being more clear (the extra ninja battles created a lot of confusion, and event periods STILL aren’t clear and specific).

Ninja battles is clear. We get two additional attempts for retrying levels we couldn’t do 100% (due to crash or missing a tower or obstacle). It’s pretty good, say you miss a single tower during the first islands. With no extra attempts you could give up first place. Most players only played on for uber chests. But when failing to break the gate for a reason, you know you can’t play 30 islands, so this would most times stop players to go on.

Now… With this in mind, it becomes more attractive to play a layer higher. You know it’s more risky to play higher, but with knowledge of 2 retries (don’t do them before you earned the extra attempts!) you can take the risk. You plus the team will benefit.

considering the crash, as a developer myself I realize that you need to test not only the code that produces the bug, also related code that could be affected by it, must be tested thoroughly.  So a good impact analysis is required and all affected code must be tested. Say they bring out the possible fix soon and let us test. Say the bug isn’t fixed and causes side effects. I think players will be outrageous. So it’s the right thing to let us wait a little longer and test it some more. 

That explain why the Ninja Event is retarded. Still like 2h15 like 3 hours ago. I was surprise not receive the notification : The villain arrive… I just go and still 23 minutes. Good to know they do test I guess