Hello I would like to know only if it is normal, based on your response I decide whether to continue or leave the game. Monthly I spend enough on royal revolt 2 this seems excessive to me

Looks like to change in a money making game.

I spent a little money too, but thats a thing to quit the game

Only one building boost for looking ads, and then a six hour wait or the next. PFfffffff

A developer on another thread about this said it’s related to platform and country policies for advertising. Depending on what you play on and where you live it will be different - personally my ad boosts have been the same as before.

I have no changes at my place.
I watch everything at once and without problems.

@Grubaz, @drunkenconfucius may I ask if you’re in the USA or out of it like in the Europe?

I also have this problem myself and back in the past it was related to this.

I’m from Portugal by the way, what about you @Bal?

Hi, I’m in France and I have a 6h cooldown!

If there is a disadvantage for some, then it should be the same for everybody until FG find a way !

I’m really annoyed about that because you can’t have the blacksmith running and take the free chest or boost a farm or taverns at the same time but even worse for the building and spell upgrades !

This is a big deal, that’s unfair and it was not like that before, so make some changes please !

I’m from Poland ✓
But people from my alliance also have a problem with the CD.


hello grub :slight_smile:

we are an Italian alliance, several players present the problem of the CD, which is very irritating

there are too many bugs after the last update, I hope it includes everything to normal or I think this game will lose many players

I’m from the US, no issues here. Both Windows 10 and Android

East Coast or West Coast? Cause there are still some US players that have this problem and it may just be on one side of the US

1 video worked the whole damn day!!! Ridiculous its has said cooling down since this morning. Can’t get free box, can’t start farms, can’t start taverns, can’t reduce build time. TOTALLY NOT HAPPY!!

I have never had issues with the videos before so to say this is a feature? Or a better thing is just not true.  

Not playing any more tonight. Not worth my time. 

I really hope that this is just a bug and flare is gonna fix this

East Coast for me.

So again Flare lie if I understand well. They have said wait 3 month we have a fix with 4.0. but in reality they don’t have do anything about GDPR issue. So European and some US are screwed into the bones really in a hard way. Not cool Flare