Classification of king's equipments

Hey guys,


Searched the forums and wiki and can’t find anything about the King’s equipment classification.


What we do know now :


  1. Standard items (grey background) 2. Magic items (green background) 3. Rare items (blue background) 4. Epic items (purple background) 5. Legendary items (golden background)

  2. Uber (coming soon)


 I noticed some equipments (different name class) within  the same class (Legendary) have different values.


For example,


Kingly Steel Sword vs Heavy Steel Sword


att 427 damage 270.6 vs att 416 damage 300.9


Kingly better than Heavy?


Other name I noticed


  • Embellished
  • Light
  • Mighty
  • Forged
  • Shinning
  • Silvered
  • Sparkling
  • Shinning
  • Mighty
  • Heroic

Does this name indicate some sort of classification or just a name?


If this really indicate class within class, can someone from flare or anyone

list the classification.

There is page on the wiki called: Item Shop that is more refered to Granny things but you can find some pic also about the rarity of the items and also some little info:


The names are refered to the second bonus the item and to the type of the item has(each type of set), so nothing special.




My inventories (Legendary):


Embellished Master Crown  3675 Leadership 1011.5 Leadership Boost

Mighty Master Mask             3529 Leadership 1037.9 Leadership Boost

Shinning Master Crown        3518 Leadership 1104.9 Leadership Boost


Sparkling Iron Pauldrons      2526 Health 683.8 Shield

Heroic Iron Pauldrons           2465 Health 839.0 Shield


Light Frost Gauntlets            279 Att 210.1 Ice Damage

Heroics Frost Gauntlets        266 Att 225.5 Ice Damage


I can safely assume that the second name (Master, Iron, Frost) determine the type of the secondary bonus.

The first adjective is refered to the name of the item set, the second adjective is refered to the typology of the secondary bonus.

And most of time you can see also that the first adjectives can be different but two items are identical under the aesthetic view.



You maybe right but let me do some more research with my alliance’s members.