Clear buttons for equipment and defense

As in the title. we should have button to simply unequipp items from our hero,its annoying when you want to melt/sell an item and you have to search in which set up it is and remove it one by one.

Another great button would be “set defense to default”= make road to castle straight and hide all obstacles/towers etc so we can start building from a scratch with empty map

Nice idea. I swear a lot when I have to check A,B,C,D just for change 1 item. And If I have many news items or need space. Its a mess to know what to remove. Flare make it more easy. Just in one button disequip all or if you want manual and are on A you can have a button Disequip. So A will be empty. You go on B disequip and so on…

In the past I have also suggest if that was possible to add a kind of AI. Just by a button ‘‘Best’’ like all MMORPG or hack in slash game. The game will chose your best equipment. Many new players don’t know what to choose so with a best button. Problem solve.


Then the king would be naked.

lol like each game he wear a underpants