Click on a player game crashes

Well the title is self explanatory… I click on a player to see stats or to go to battle, game disconnects or crashes entirely. Meaning no game… RR2 is unavailable, kaput, finito, dead. This game has piled up issues upon issues… right now it’s completely unplayable.

@GalaMorgane@Nikko @flaretara@flaretara

Many gamers have problems, it’s a global bug!

same issue for me…

The game crashes every time when I attack someone. It’s not funny anymore.  :slightly_frowning_face:


This has also been happening to me. I’ve lost a bunch of trophies from attacking bases and the game crashing on me during battle. 

Hope this gets fixed soon. 

Seems to me like I never get any bugs. I haven’t had problems with game crashing, loss of connectivity, or no Pro Chests…just good luck I guess lol

Literally just lost 60 more trophies! Over 115 now. 

Very frustrating that the game just crashed on me again. Game froze during battle and exited me out if the game.

Please, help get this information passed to the right team. @GalaMorgane 



Submit a request

Thanks AK! Request submitted.  :wink:  @AwesomestKnightest


Same symptoms. And it seems that this happens when there are too much Boosts in the defense. This never happens on non-Alliance players.

Android. Happened to me just now, once, raid started then crashed in the middle, lost trophies+bread+gained shitty golds, so I stopped playing.
Weird cause this game was okay yesterday.

Hey guys,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As a reminder, when contacting support, make sure you are including your platform/version, so we can compile all the information more effectively!


I don’t have this problem, but some of my teammates do and I’d rather have this be fixed before the war or ASAP