Clicking finish upgrade button by mistake, require a are you sure button

As the title says, just clicked the button by mistake and lost 2500 gems, why is there not a are you sure button, have sent a ticket, will I even get the gems back ? 

Welcome to the club. We all are doing this painful mistake from time to time.

It’s on purpose. Flares want to make you press those by mistake, so that you will run out of gems fast and will buy new ones.

Please pay attention to the size and location of those “finish upgrade” buttons. Exactly where you would press them by mistake. And also “collect upgrade” and finish upgrade" buttons look exactly the same. Same color, same location.

We are all cash-milking suckers (at least flares bosses think so).

It’s all about greed…

In my case they just ignored my ticket. Twice. So no chance to get that gems. Also had situation when due to bug I lost gems and when I asked about refund (due to bug!!!) answer was " thanks for submitting bug ". And I ask again to make refund, since the purpose was to getting gems  back. Again ignore…

EVERYONE has done this at one time or another and this company will do NOTHING  about it. Which should tell you about the integrity of this company.


Look it up, Flare Games. Learn something entirely new to you.

We even asked for an option to remove the scroll buttons from the screen. I don’t believe in fairytales any more, they won’t change it.

Yeah that bugs me aswell but 10 gems I can move on from but 2500 isn’t, it has taken 2 months to save these gems and I bought the daily gem deal, is standard protocol really to not refund gems when clearly it is a mistake ? Reset the timer on the upgrade remove the pearls I gained I don’t want to benefit from it at all I just want my gems back.

Just go on and try to not do this mistake again. Don’t expect anything from flares.

Yes, as Ed said… welcome to the club :grinning:

Not only this,

During war the left and right buttons to scroll through opponent alliance players is so small, I have clicked the attack button so many times trying to press the right arrow…Hah!!! FG there is space make those buttons little bigger…

For me its impossible. I don’t see how a person can accidentally clicked a wrong button. You have a really big button write Finish Now and when something finish you only have to click on the building or go in the wizard tower or the update you have done. Same if you go in the list how is possible to make a mistake between Finish Now and Collect 

If you do a mistake like this just go buy a pair of glasse or change your pair of glasse. Maybe a big disavantage to play on a phone lol. On windows I never have this problem