"clock in" function for Ninja Event

Since Flare doesn’t allow us to “choose” the ninja event tier ourselves, at least allow us to “clock in”. Once the “countdown timer” for ninja event appears, a button to “clock in” should appear as well. When a player clicks the button, then he will be able to play the respective tier according to the trophy when he pressed the button, not when the event starts.


The reason is simple, offense is indubitably overpowered now. Everyone scrambles for trophy last minute. It is doable for some who are awake or free 1 or 2 hours before the event starts, but what about those who live in a timezone where the events starts at 3 or 4 am or during office hours? If a player is able to reach 5300 trophy 2 days before Ninja Event, he has already proven himself worthy of the tier. He should be able to “clock in” and not scramble with the rest of the world at a specific time.


p.s. alternatively, allow a “participate” button like pro league. The tier depends on the trophy at the time the player clicks “participate” even though the event has started.

I think being able to clock in and lock the tier that a player is in is a great idea. Currently its an unfair advantage given to those in some time zones over others and MMOs should reduce that as  much as possible. It should be done no more than 24 hours before the event starts though. That way everyone has time to do it while not giving too much leeway. 

Being only like 50 trophies into the tier I wanted I was biting my fingers waiting for the start of the event, dreading somebody’s gonna farm me and I’ll drop just below the range. So securing participation ahead of time would be soothing. I’m down with this idea.

Though I still say you should be just able to choose the tier you want. Some argue it’d disrupt the ranks by having lots of strong players in low tier events but I don’t see how’d that be any worse/different than dropping 3k trophies to get an easy event. And it’s not like ranks matter anymore, as with the two extra fights everyone wins 100% of the time.

Why not make the layer played next time depending on the one played this time in case you scored first place? When you score first place next time you play the next higher level minimum.

Only when you don’t become first place, you play at level according to your trophies.

I will give an example. Say you play layer 9 and become first place. Then automatically play layer 10 minimum next time. Only when you raise your trophies up to layer 11 or higher you play a higher level, but even after dumping trophies, minimum layer is level 10.

Now say you don’t score 100% and don’t get first place, then next time you play layer of your trophy layer.

That way you can’t keep hiding low to win ninja event every time. 

Other ideas may be complicated

I only like the idea of participating button like in a pro league.

That would be great and simple.

Bump. Another day where only those who are available before the start of the event is able to scramble for trophies to get to the desired tier where defense means nothing because of bugs like stone dragons that could permanently stun towers.



Would create massive trophy dumping and swapping, not gonna work well. Instead of 130 players in 5300 tier, there will be a thousand players.

How? This is supposed to prevent excessive trophy dumping and I think it would be fairly effective

They would dump the trophies on someone, then they would lock in ninja. Then that person would dump all their trophies on someone else, etc etc


They do that anyway, except people need to dump twice if they get attacked and win 

…and at the end someone would end up having a whole 'lotta trophies