Closed Beta for an incoming game!

Dear Players,


We would like to offer you the unique chance to participate in the development of one of our upcoming games: an exciting turn-based RPG on iOS , with a focus on crafting!


Are you interested in becoming a part of the Closed Beta community?Just fill out the form below and you might receive an invitation!Hurry up to become one of 100 selected testers!


The Closed Beta will start in early March 2016 , stay tuned for more details! If you are chosen as one of the lucky Closed Beta Testers, you will be granted exclusive access to private forums where you can discuss about the game and share your feedback with the team directly.


Please keep in mind that this is a Beta version of the game and therefore does not represent the final quality of the product.

Please also note that the Closed Beta is only available to players owning an iOS device (iPad 3, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s are not accepted).


Click here to fill out the form and gain the chance to join the Closed Beta:

You will have until the 3rd of March to apply for this specific test, so keep an eye on the calendar.


Thank you for your interest and good luck!

That’s sad because i don’t have iOS…

Me also apple supports terrorists and I refuse to buy product from someone who supports ISIS

I think the same. I’m wondering if they’ll even receive 100 requests, as I think they’re just sharing that here in the forum.

The link will be shared on Facebook as well tomorrow, and the Admins of some communities (by example Evoker Facebook group) shared the link as well.

Ok, as soon as it’s shared on FB I know you’ll suddenly receive a lot of requests.

No iOS sadly and still waiting DoS on Android

SIgn me up!

So this game will be for only iPad 4, iPhone 5 and above?


Apple is starting to require metal to be used in their games/apps and older devices don’t support metal sadly.

Is the beta testing going on?