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As my old team fell apart mostly I am now looking for an active mid-tier alliance with pleasant athmosphere and cool people.


IGN: Silver Nekomancer

Level: 99

Donations: 250k

Activity: wars & events - 100%, pro - not so much lately

Scrolling: no

Language: Polish, English, German

I think we can fit that bill at Alpha Guard. Aside from an active chat, we also use Line app for external chat. We also have a variety of boosts. I’ve sent you an invite as well as friend request if you have any questions.

KUSKA has 3 openings 

Hey, if you could join my start up alliance, it would be cool ?. Not very good yet, but hope to be good.

You can join INDIA ONE ALLIANCE or Alpha Guard. These are perfect for you. INDIA ONE ALLIANCE is perfect for members like you. A strong team with 100% participation.

Pretty sure Jiggle is already in Alpha Guard. I thought I saw him there when I played a few days ago

Yeah this is a pretty old topic, I’m surprised someone’s digging that far back.

But thanks anyway, it never hurts to know more people.