[closed] Olympus Rising - Forum event // Prize 1000 gems

Prize: 1000 gems ?


Leave a comment about why you started playing Olympus Rising beneath this thread.

Amongst all participants, we will pick a random winner. The winner will be announced by Madlen in the topic thread. The winner then needs to contact Madlen via personal message to give out the in-game name, so we can transfer the gems. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be picked to which the same rules apply.

Only one comment per person within the thread.

The event is limited to the Olympus Rising event forum thread only.

Event time: Monday, 10th of September – at 4.30 pm CEST, ending Wednesday, 12th of September – at 1 pm CEST

Thank you, and I can’t wait to read all your good Olympus Rising memories.

Good luck!

Madlen :slight_smile:


Ps: This thread will automatically open at 4.30 pm CEST today and close at the end time.


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I think I started playing because it was a featured app in the App Store. Marketing worked!

Hello everyone,

I started playing Olympus rising last year in August .

I loved the gane concept as it is based on Greek mythology and how we can use famous heroes and heroine from legends and myths to conquer other’s bases.

Game reminds a lot about Age of Mythology (one of my all time favorite game).I haven’t enjoyed any game after Age of Mythology that have such an amazing graphics or concept.

I usually Dread about playing Online games as the come with play to win feature but I must say olympus rising is kinda diffrent than other online games I have played in past.

Game provides it’s in game premium currency a lot(Gems).So anyone who does not want to pay to win can also play and enjoy the game.(pretty amazing concept by the developers and I hope more and more gaming publisher team can adopt such system)

I also like OR community a lot.So I visit everyday and I have to say OR have just become a part of life that I find hard to let go as I met my current teammates through it. 

I just stumbled across it in the play store the week it was released…

Got lucky I guess.

Ironically I’m about to let my account go to sleep until you actually give us high level, long term players something to do.

I was out of time to use the computer and wanted a game for my smartphone, I started looking and… Bazinga! I found the OR ?

good introducing - marketing in game store and i decide to see what is it about since than i can stop play this game ?  

I started playing because I like some of the other titles produced by Flare and the graphics looked great. 

Here is my story…

Some of my colleagues at work to pass the time playing on their smartphones in the game, what is there balls, cubes, crystals built so that they burned)

Looking at them I also wanted, but at that time I had an old phone. And now, after a while I decided to buy a new phone, chose a specially powerful, for good games. I love historical strategies, RPG. I needed one game that I will play constantly, and now, after a few days spent in the play store, my choice was OR.

And now, a year later, OR has become more than just pass the time at work. Auto game is very saves me at work, this is what I need) I still play with people who joined at the beginning of the game. A lot of new friends.

Don’t want to leave OR ) Hope and expect that with our help, You will make the game more interesting. so that we do not think to leave You )))

I hope the translation isn’t too terrible. ))

I started playing OR so that I’d have an excuse to ignore my wife… and I like Greek mythology, was the perfect marriage, me and OR. :grinning:  

I was bored… still im bored. 

I literally just got new phone, and started looking for games. Have a soft spot for history, and particularly Ancient Mythology.

I got addicted from the people I have met. I am so-so on game at this point.

in game name TEXAS BULLSEYE 

Been playing since beta. Through all the ups and downs. ?

Ign: zeez

Alliance: weed the people (players needed)

I always check editors choice on appstore. OR was there. 

Let’s say it was a choice made with the heart. Many legends of this game have occurred in my land… Sicily. of which flag is represented by a gorgon with three legs. So it was a must install this app. Then the time did the rest and I fell in love with this game… 

I thought it would be fun watching Olympus Rise… 

I started playing because my previous game got shut down and OR was the first game that I enjoyed if the few I tested. 

Do we have to wait as long for the gems as we now have been waiting in the Zeus Hades contest?

i stumbled into the game because it was recommended in the app store. i tried it, i liked it - i still like it…

played a long time without an alliance, but after a while (i guess i was ranked about place 500) more and more opponents had those funky barricades and those strange black holes… so i started to read the forum and found out that this can be won in alliance wars. so i applied and joined an alliance - and i am still part of it. great buddies there (like in the most alliances, i assume), great community also here in the forum, great game. 

I like mythology and tower defense games.  Boom interested. Downloaded. Still playing.


i sought up for a game with greek mythology - search for it in the appstore and find OR.

i installed it, i play it, enjoy it and never delete it :slight_smile:

… and that’s it

It was suggested to me coz it is a fun game that offers Sirens belly dancing and now I’m trapped in here, no other game makes sense anymore. ?