[closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

Prize: 1000 gems ?



Leave a comment about “what was your biggest achievement playing Royal Revolt 2” beneath this thread.

Amongst all participants, we will pick a random winner. The winner will be announced by Madlen in the topic thread. The winner then needs to contact Madlen via personal message to give out the in-game name, so we can transfer the gems. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be picked to which the same rules apply.

Only one comment per person within the thread.

The event is limited to the Royal Revolt event forum thread only.

Event time: Thursday, 11th of October – at 6 pm CEST, ending Monday, 15th of October – at 1 pm CEST

Thank you, and I can’t wait to read all your achievements!

Good luck!

Madlen :slight_smile:

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I think my biggest achievement was creating our team Genie and Master together with Edward. Within a couple of hours after creation we already had 22 members. We trained a lot of members and a lot of them still reside in our current team. We ate a virtual family, taking care of each other.

That’s something to be very proud of, being founder of this wonderful team.


Jack, previous leader of Genie and Master.

my greatest achievement is to get a bronze crown in pro cup

My biggest achievement was making friends.

My biggest achievement ? Casting three dragons at the same time with frosters, pyromancers and pallies :slight_smile:  Not easy to do… Not really usefull but fun :slight_smile:  

I am a free Player still I managed to get 500k alliance  donations before hitting level 80. Maybe this was the reason I was invited by a good team.

Also I have +2 exrta workers, +1 troop slot, +1 spell slot, level 4 stronghold buildings, +8 ruins removed, +13 extra inventory slots.

I still have enough gems to do another upgrade. I may get 750k or 1000k without buying a single gem.

Hm my best achievement is my role in the rising up of Vanguard legion.?‍♀️

My biggest achievement was to find out new tricks to win leagues myself and let the other ppl know how to do it and keeping my “free player” status. just to let other ppl know that u can get higher ranks in game by not spending $$ but by some common sense

My biggest achievement was getting 500k donation as a free player! 

I found good folks and friends. This is my biggest achievement.

My biggest achievement is not only making new friends in the game, but also having the ability to make videos to help players out. Teaching others how to get better and grow in the game also helps the entire game grow!

My biggest achievement is keeping my mental sanity after playing this game for more than 3 years.

But I’m still playing so scratch that. ?

My greatest achivment… Is crossing 4000+ trophy.And cleared all dungeons. 

My biggest achievement was winning the diamond league ??

i don’t have any such big achievements, i play for fun and is consistent within my alliance…

finding my chicken :wink:  

Won against Flothaboss whilst he was still active. 

my big achivement will be the day I complete all the quest, four to go Master Strategist, undead king, trader and gold digger, as free player

my biggest  achievements is that i found really really good friends and i am so proud for them ?

108 level I beat top10 players :stuck_out_tongue:

https://1drv.ms/v/s!AnhW2_E9l3UxjIcGvCHESytDFWIzXQ  Good old days :slight_smile: