[closed] RR2 forum event //Prize 1000 gems

Prize: 1000 gems ?


Leave a comment about why you started playing Royal Revolt 2 beneath this thread.

Amongst all participants, we will pick a random winner. The winner will be announced by Madlen in the topic thread. The winner then needs to contact Madlen via personal message to give out the in-game name, so we can transfer the gems. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be picked to which the same rules apply.

Only one comment per person within the thread.

The event is limited to the Royal Revolt event forum thread only.

Event time: Friday, 07th of September – at 1 pm CEST, ending Monday, 10th of September – at 1 pm CEST

Thank you, and I can’t wait to read all your good Royal Revolt memories.

Good luck!

Madlen :slight_smile:



All comments that are not acceptable will be deleted without discussion (that includes irony sarcasm to defame the game, staff or the company, toxic messages, messages that generate hate, or any other messages that are seen as not acceptable or any off-topic posts).




The post will open automatically at 1pm German time today and close automatically at the end of the event.

Hi I started to play RR2 cause I really enjoyed RR1…and it was quite better, so i m happy ?

I saw an ad for RR2 while playing Nonstop Knight and it looked more in depth and interesting without much of the Realm Chat issues of other games, so I gave it a try and met some great peeps in my alliance. Keep working on refinements/content and appreciate your effort and LISTENING to the players. Skol!

I’ve always loved gaming. My first ever game to play was the Pac-man arcade game. Of course, it was one of those Plug n’ plays from the store, but I loved it! Later on I played Star Wars: Commander. A strategy game quite similar to Clash of Clans. Funny thing, I would play SWC with one of my brothers’ accounts. So one time, I was heading to the app when I saw, as the app store advertisement, Royal Revolt 2. At the time I had no idea what it was or how great of a game it was! Anyway, I soon became hooked on SWC, and at one point got 11,000 medals (which are like trophies in Royal Revolt 2) in only 24 days! I was by far the fastest moving player in a game with millions of players. Unfortunately, the account restarted and I stopped playing that game. When I got my laptop, I searched through a couple games, then, on that magical day, January 16th, I found Royal Revolt 2! And I loved immediately! Here’s to great fun and good friends! Cheers! ?

I had just finished a very stressful couple months at work and had a little down time, so I decided to downloaded this game (I like tower defense games) from the Microsoft Store to casually play only for a few days.

I’ve been playing ever since.

Hi Madlen,

Thanks for the event :slight_smile:

**True Story below 

Well RR2, far-famed as my GF ( only in the eyes of my Ally mates ) came into my life in this way.

It was mid 2015, I was doing my graduation then but in my eyes I was more than a graduate ?

Life was good but my main problem was I had lots of free time and I didn’t know how to pass the time. Many of my friends were busy with their GFs (actual one’s) and here I am lying on my bed thinking what am I doing… months went like that…

Many of friends were playing COC on their android phones. They are enjoying like it was everything for them. I didn’t get it. I asked them what the hell is wrong with you. Who cares so much for a game after all. They said leave it…you won’t understand. Then I said ok I will try it cause I had lots of free time. 

But then,

Oh ***** :slightly_frowning_face:

its not available on windows phone :slightly_frowning_face:

Because I didn’t get COc in Ms store I was like windows is *****. Why I bought it. Money waste ?Then I searched the store but could not get a good game. 

I was searching for a game which won’t finish in one day like Temple run or asphalt racing games etc.

One day!

Royal Revolt 2 got featured on windows store.

I checked it and thought to give it a try. I played the tutorial and did some raids. Next day did few again. But on the third day it was not the same casual game. My mind urged me to check RR2 and check my base who attacked me or looted or not.  Then I understood what my COc friend was telling…From that day my life is like RR2 is my life my love. It was so awesomely designed, cool graphics and sound effects with some crazy animations. I made many friends here. Got to know them better by whatsapp game group. My english speaking capability improved tremendously and From that day I never give a damn to my COC friends.  Ally mates name RR2 as my GF cause I play it day n night when I get time.

Obviously RR2 is one of the greatest tower defence game of All time and I am happy to be a part of it :slight_smile:

1 year ago, I installed Windows 10 for the first time.

After a few days of going to the start menu I saw this: "Suggested App: Royal Revolt II"

I was like… How annoying! Advertisements on the start menu?!?  :angry: “”

A few more days passed and I thought: "Well… I click won’t hurt anyone… Let’s check this out  :slight_smile: "

I played the first level, but I got so into it right away: "OMG, what is this? A reverse-tower-defense? Wow this is pretty cool! I never saw something like this  "


When i noticed it, I was already loving the game and well…

Here I am now 

My niece installed rr2 on my iPad when she spent some time with me in her schoolholidays. After the holidays I was removing all the apps she downloaded and just checked what this app was about, before removing it… This was 3 years ago and I never had a day without playing it ever since… ??

Haven’t been a game player for many, many years due to family, job, etc.  Last year I was diagnosed with a severe health problem where I had to stay home until some medical procedures could be done.  Started playing a few games to try and help fill my time, keep my mental sharpness, and improve my overall attitude.  Started with RR1 and moved to RR2.  Due to the fantastic graphics, challenges, etc. have been playing RR2 ever since and even spending a little money as my finances allow which really surprised myself.  Yes, there are times when Flare totally frustrates me dropping my playing time and purchases.  But even though I look at other games during this time I always come back to RR2 mostly because this game allows me to participate in wars, ninja, etc. on MY time table and not “live”.  Still working on Conquest…  ?  Have made several friends now, been in couple of Alliances, and have learned to live with Flare enough so I do still recommend this game to family, friends, and even other game players I discover now that I can get out of the house.  Didn’t mean to sound like a sad story but you asked why and I told you.

I hope you feel better now! This is a very heart-warming story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thank you, Madlen.  Yes I am much better today and can actually say I have a lifestyle again, limited, but I have one.  ?

I was looking for Tower Defense game.

Decided to try RR2 and kept on playing.

I played RR1 and did not have internet connection. When I got wi fi I started with RR2. Always preferred tower defense games.

technologies bring me here. I was on my Windows 7. Over years and suddenly in 2015 I have started to hear about Windows 10. So on the moment I don’t have care much because I have hear this OS was like Windows 8 with Metro app and all. So I don’t wanted to try. I hate so much Windows 8. Never have try. So around April 2016 I have stop to be stubborn and give it a try. Why not take this opportunity. Microsoft offer a chance to pass Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free and that was only for 1 year. So I have decide to download Windows 10 and install it

the first thing I notice. Windows 10 eat less RAM than Windows 7. After I notice he run really more faster. So i was impress but wait its not all. When I have discover Metro App and click on Windows Store (previous name) and see you can download and play game for free. Not just 1 or 10 games. Over 300+ So I have check and download some of them. Royal Revolt 1 and Royal Revolt 2. I try them both. I fall in love just after 5 minutes of gameplay

Since this day. I play Microsoft Store games and I have decide to create a Youtube Channel to show them

Morale of this story. Never keep old technlogies hold you back. Don’t fear to try the new technologies. Who know? you can like it

Looked for a crossplatform game to play together with my buddy @BitjeBe. We’ve always been together in our alliances for over 2 years now.

My daughter Dena was playing Royal Revolt 1 during a holiday years ago. She wasn’t able to beat a certain level, so she asked me to try. First I didn’t want, but she kept insisting. 

So I gave in, tried and won that level pretty easily after she explained to me what to do and some attempts on lower levels first. I was sold, installed it on my tablet and had a good time playing that game. Especially playing bonus  level as the mage, the Easter egg bonus levels were fun. Did reset that game quite some times to start all over.

Somewhere in May 2014 I just was looking in the Windows app store and discovered by accident part 2. So I downloaded it and liked this part very much. Back then it was everyone for himself, no alliances, no boosts, no chests, nothing. Still it was very fun and addicted to play.

So since that moment I have been playing RR2. Dena was part for a long time of my team and was even one of the first members of our current team Genie and Master. Till now I am still playing

IGN: The Samurai Lord

I started this game as a novice (and still am). Introduced by my sister. I liked it because of the uniqueness in this game. It has till now enchanted me even though there were hiccups.



I remembered back in 2015 , while i was scrolling in the app store i saw RR in the category of most played/best rated tower defense , strategy  games so i tried it.:slight_smile: 

The game play was suit  me well, unlike most game in the same category back then i got to feel my character dominate enemy soldier by it self , the unit, troop was there but if you leave them without the mighty king’s rain of arrow to wipe all sniper they will all die . Barricade ? Take it out , Tower ehh ? Burn it down . All gate will brake when my army heard their king’s shout  . Really excited and fresh gameplay compared to other robotic, automatic game, also want to get stronger and feel more power back then so i started playing seriously back then as a young and power hungry king. ? 

Now i feel like an old king , cant keep up with the youngster or expert veteran but still have some letf in me just enough to keep on exploring the world. ? 

Sound like a nerd right ? Yeah i couldn’t told this to my family or girl friend because it is so weird, please dont laugh ?.This is like the first time i ever shared this thought.

Also this is me kicking phoebe butt to revenge how much loss it costed me. Yes! im that salty . Thanks nhuthui for sponsor me this chance .

Send our regards to Ann, we genies miss her.