Closing Off-Topic Threads

@GalaMorgane Incredible! Threadcloser! You did it again! You really want to get on our bad side, do you?

Maybe this is not an important thread but still this smells like censorship.We can not go on like this. Maybe people want to contribute something “on topic”?
What about giving out a warning first before closing a thread when someone goes “off topic”?

You could close every second thread, maybe every single one if this is the new way we handle things here.

Plus, you told us on several occasions, you think you are “good at your job”. Then you now should at least be able to explain why you think this is a good way of handling things.
We had a similar situations before, you did not answer questions there. Read below to remember.

Keep doing this and this Forum will be completely worthless. That is on you then! But maybe that is what Flare wants…

If you are going to be blocked from forum you will be remembered as the one who wasn’t scared to voice his opinion ! <3

Thanks, Mags.  :wink:

If they want to block me we at least know what they really want.

But they better should close the whole forum if they want us to shut up. It already has become clear, Flaregames does not value its community (aka players) and is most comfortable with giving us the minimum Flarespeak treatment. They do not want someone friendly, they want another announcer like Nikko. Very sad indeed and not clever at all if you think of the future of the game. Gala might not be responsible, maybe she is a nice person and just playing along.


I did critics her again in those “Flothaboss” topic AND my reply got deleted again before using someone else reply to close the topic with reason “off topic”.

The lesson from both case that I handle *chough*: We can’t critics her in any ways or else will be deleted or banned. ?

Just curious how old is she? Perhaps she still on puberty? Dunno… What I’m sure she is not as mature as previous CM or even than the other flare staff that running around here.

It is already happening. 

Just by coincidence I noticed one of my earlier posts is missing. I did not get any notice about removing it or why. It might have contained criticism against Flare.

Lets see how many of my posts will still be here tomorrow when Gala is back to work. This is pure censorship. Gala is turning evil.


Ah, I just read your post after I made my last one. I was deleted in the same thread. At least you got a reason. I was not informed. Very sick in any case. If a strict no ff-topic policy is applied, Flare should tell us so. Right now it looks like ducking away from critics.

The solution could be so simple. Just a bit of help, answering a few questions with normal responding and not this horrible wording like „information will be given when they need to be given“. Who uses such words?

Not sure why ‘off topic’ is that much of a problem in any thread under General Discussions though :lol:


I didn’t get notification nor reason either. Just some detective instinct. LOL. As my other reply stay alive, when I don’t get nerves of our NEW CM. ?

Yeah but based on what happen before, she will ignoring that thing. Even though my English is bad, I still can say that’s not good statement by some official officer. Dunno why she choose that… OR did she already have a grudge with me? ? How scarryyyy… ??

Gala as a mod should know she must first warn a person before deleting their comment  :mellow:

She once said,“I know how to do my job”.

So…  People should understand that she will do what she likes…:blink:

Anyway imo closing that thread was right  BUT  the way she chose was wrong. As @Karman said a warning must be given before censoring anything. We are democratic  :slight_smile:

we could start making dual threads for every thread, so we can have one called “Off topic discussion of - What happened with Flothaboss??” so then it would not get closed as being off topic, unless i guess if we start talking on topic about the original thread that would be off-topic for the off topic thread??? :wacko:

nay, just start a topic with an added exclusion clause, i.e. “Is offense overpowered and everything else under the sun”


p.s. I edited my thread. Maybe everyone should do it as a sign of protest =p

Are we above or below the sun? how can you tell which way is up?

is this considered off topic? :ph34r:

When a few forum members are going off topic that is no reason for completely closing a topic. On most other forums, a CM or moderator tells players to stay on topic. 

Maybe @GalaMorgane got jealous that nobody was talking or concerned about her and there was a dedicated thread of concern for @FTB :grinning:

She need to be removed from flaregames.

I hadn’t time to reply in “What happened to Flothaboss”.

She can’t give warning points because the reply I made have no abuse words or similar case. My comments that got deleted were a constructive criticism about her. She can’t just warn me with reply in the same topic because that way my comment will still there and perhaps if she read them her nerves will on fire. LOL. So the only way is to delete it.


I’m sure you had this before (in the topic “I know how to do my job” ?) and try to talk them via PM to know the reason. Can we know what the reason that they tell you on how several comment (including your reply) in that topic got deleted before force close it with “off topic” by sacrifice new comment after that?

I think we must give her more chances. She needs to grow in her job. As soon as she gets the impression we really appreciate her work, she will get more comfortable.

We definitely should not unknown.png on every opportunity that she does something what we don’t like. We need a CM.