Club 6000 trophy ( Players who reached at least once)

This is the _ 6000 trophy club _. As of now 4 people reached 6k trophy mark. 


As a sign of Prestige and to inculcate competitive spirit among players I am making this post.


  1. MasterE     (SK : UNITED REALMS)

  2. Mischreiber1967 (SK :UNITED REALMS)

  3. Tungsix      (Vanguard Legion)

  4. EmperorV  ( Vanguard Legion)



Recorded as of _ 31 January 2015 _. If more people at-least once cross 6k trophy can post their pic in comments below, so that i can update this thread later  :slight_smile:


Thanks to SK and _ Vanguard Legion _ players. I thank all of you.  :wub:


Note:- Please take this positively. I like all and respect all players.

Only have one question… what’s the purpose of this club/post?

Well you will know when you reach 6k trophy or TOP 10 :grinning:


Cheers , 


You could write the max trophy counts as well…max for MasterE? For you? For Tungsix?


And as usual, i don’t see the attached file…

… I’m sorry but that is not quite true, others have made that mark in the past, albeit briefly.

I did post an attachment below @Bloz1


I am sorry to have missed players… can you give me pics so that i can attach @drum 




EmperorV, not everyone feels the need to take a picture of their achievement and post it for the world, so no I can’t, I’m glad for you and pleased it has made you happy and look forward to the 7000 picture.

Great … i would love to see a 7000 soon … Cheers  :slight_smile:

rr4(wont be a thing) would be created once I get to 6k trophies

RR5 for me

Oh come on. Be positive! :slight_smile:


The same goes for you! :grinning:

Says the one thats a pyromancer and is still an ice cold froster Mr. FrEeze(chuckle)

ok no offense but that was actually kinda funny ^_^



same here

its just a matter of trophy inflation which is happening across the board lol eventually we will all be over 6k with little effort

Wait, I’ll coming!

I just broke the 4000 trophies lol. But yeah lvl 77 haha

Yup just a matter of time. As new free trophies, (I believe 400 now)are added to anybody joining the game. The leader boards will keep rising slowly but surly.

add wm2014


And this truth make this “club/post” almost more useless than it was at the beginning! :wink: