Co-Leader Role! Co-Leader Role! Co-Leader Role!

Royal Revolt needs a Co-Leader Role, a Role with all the powers of a Leader (except of course the ability to kick out the Leader).

P.S. Sorry I may have accidentally double posted this. New to this forum.

A leader without the power of kicking out the leader is the same as a general :stuck_out_tongue:

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Generals have all the power of the leader, except for promoting sergeant to generals…

It would be nice to see co-leader role, but then some significant ability change needs to be made… And also, there’s no point in doing so…

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I’m not sure if there are other differences, but definitely Generals cannot Promote other members to the role of General.
But even beyond that titles are symbol of respect which are meaningful to a lot of players.

Generals also cannot set markers for other generals in conquest which is a real pain…

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If you need make marks for generals- you dont need such generals

If co-leader role is specified, then one co-leader will not be able to set mark to another co-leader… So, for that again create another role? and that new role will not be able to set marker to the same role and for that again create another role?

My alliance is low levelled having low levelled players, and yet I don’t feel the need of co-leader just for setting markers… Generals have a new chat section, so maybe one general can request another general with the use of that chat section?

A new role would be good to see, completely agreed… But considering all the new bugs that comes with new features and other troubles, I think we should not demand for features which are not of real necessity…

But again, if top alliances feel need of any such features, then I’ll speak nothing, for they are experienced and their needs might be genuine…

Generals can also declare wars, appoint champions and shields during seasonal wars, just saying.
Also, just putting it out there, I don’t really like that sergeants can start towers. But, wouldn’t mind it if they could set markers for soldiers.