COF Improvement

just right now I am totally full and the chest give me Pearls,Gems and Voucher. Until that its ok logical no gold and in COF no more gold too logical when your raid someone

But why when you are full in inventory the game still to give you shit like items at 0 Gold. You cannot sold them or take them why still to get them?

I would like the game can detect that you are full in inventory and only give Pearls,Voucher and Gems in this situation

to be clear not like 50 pearls, 15 vouchers and 80 gems each raid no no no

Like 1st chest give 4 pearls,2nd chest 3 Vouchers and 3rd chest 2 gems after 20 raids its not very much.



+1 if inventory and treasure chamber is full we shouldn’t be offered items in cof.

See it from flare their side, maybe you want to buy a new slot for gems. I always make sure that some spot for at least three items is there to prevent the need of throwing away an item for 0 gold. When blacksmith has a melting spot free, I meltdown some items. This has two advantages, I can still get some gold, but most times my taverns can restore that gold.

Long time ago you got pearls instead of gold when your treasure chest was full and you still raided. If I remember well, for every 50k you got a pearl. That is removed. That option I would rather see back, get a pearl for every 50k that you miss due to full treasure chamber. And when you sell an item from CoF, give half the pearls instead that you would get from melting down that item.