CoF unwanted items to have options for meltdown

Currently, the CoF has only an option to"get it" or “sell it”. How about having a direct option for “melt it”?

the reason I am suggesting is many a times the items inventory is full knowingly or unknowingly, and thus you only have an option for additional inventory slot for a high gem price or sell it. An option to melt it can be a very useful option because it then becomes a secondary source for storage but at a cost. The cost of melting can be automatically deducted or can proceed as it is done.

It will be something the players will appreciate I am sure.

Yes. I support this. If my storage is full before I recieve new items in CoF, I will have no option but to sell it :((((


Sometimes I got good items, but I realized my storage was full and I have to waste my gems because of that :slightly_frowning_face: . From that, now I always leave some spots for new items…

I think this has been suggested already and you all are right, we would appreciate this option.

so what you want is when opening a chest, Flare s besides giving you the options

  • do you want this item ?

  • or do you want gold for it ?

giving you the options

  • or do you want pearls for this item ?

  • or maybe vouchers (as others would like)?

  • or gems (as others then others like)?


So what we really need, (after you got gold for your items)  is the blacksmith sister opening a shop next to his, where you can exchange gold for pearls… at an exchange rate of 1.000.000 gold for 1 pearl for example

(with this example exchange rate I just don’t want to set expectations too high, avoiding later disappointments when Flare picks up this idea, I’m pretty sure Flare’s shop  would give at least 2 pearls for 1.000.000 gold)

this is an idea dev should love… first you only get 10% of the (cof) items actual value in Gold (because you choose to sell it on the second hand market), and then you only get 10% of that value in pearls… it would be a double scam…

I say install blacksmiths’ sister shop now…  !!!



Lol, Micky, you rock :slight_smile:

But flares are too tough to bargain…