Collect-All button is broken

Just to add to the fun… if you are able to log-on and hold a connection, try hitting the collect-all (food, gold, pearls) button.  Mine is broken, i.e. it is a solid-grey, even if there are items that can be collected. 


They just fixed this.  Now, it lights up, ready to collect, every 3 seconds. This is funny. 

Has our Community Manager showed-up to explain:

  1. Yes, we are aware of the problem

  2. Yes, we are working aggressively to fix the problem

  3. We think XYZ triggered the problem

  4. We should have this fixed in ABC amount of your time

  5. Thank you for your continued support and patience


It happened to me too today.

Please send a ticket to support, like monday, and hope it isn’t lost in the pile of complaints about broken servers. Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

(can’t say about the issue as I haven’t been on the damn game in some 8 hours now)

Edit: Having actually made it into the game for a change, I saw nothing wrong with the collect button for me. But since the game fell apart after the ultimate community event finale, anyone saying something works means very little.

I did it before your post.

I was being sarcastic, not helpful.

Do tell how it turned out though, wonder if you’ll get any reply considering how random support is.

Still not fixed after 1 month