Collect all resources bug

Sometimes the collect all resources turn grey and inactive for some unknown reason and stay inactive for about an hour. 

The behavior is erratic 

I think this happens when the game loose connection. Then it reload and the button is grey permanently for a time.

Hello there,

Thank you for your feedback. I’ll pass it onto the Devs team.

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Thanks @GalaMorgane for feedback.

The quality of the game has really improved during the last 9 months.

Thanks for the hard work.

it happened to me now.


Hey guys,

Thank you for reporting this.

Could I ask you for some more information? Platform you are playing on, if you had any apps running in the background, what were you doing in the game prior to that? It would be very helpful.

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there were no background apps running,i was making battles for diamond league,that happened randomly,after 1hr 30min that button became normal.

I use windows 10 PC

Can you also let me know which version you are running on please?

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I did not get this bug again - disappeared somehow. Will give feedback when it happen again.