Collect Button on War Map

Hey all, as you know theres no collect resources button at War map, therefore we need to turn our map and collect resources and went back again to war map.

I remember when first odyssey came in there wasnt a collect button either and they upgraded them.

Is it too hard to do to turn back and collect ? Nope ofc. But it’ll be more practical to collect before leaving war map.

If its not that hard to add that button on war map, itll be great to see that in following upgrades.

Thanks in advance.


Agree with this. It has been annoying me too. Please fix this quality of life suggestion :slight_smile:

I agree exactly ??

Cannot agree more. just annoying to leave the War map and collect stuffs and return to War map,etc… good idea

I do agree with my fellow gamers.We do need to have a feature of auto collecting resources in war maps as well like we have in odyssey.

This feature was released yesterday with version 3.8.1.

Thanks for immediate response. Itll make everything easier.

There were nice quality of life changes in that update. I especially like the ability to turn off camera shake.