Color Reset on Gear, Cancellation of Upgrades & Granny

OK these are 3 things, trying to multi task and economize. 


Color Reset on Items in a players Inventory:

I have the baseball set, and I liked the color scheme of all the items, but I decided to try making “Corky” the weapon the color red to match the outfit.

then I decided, no, I think the color the bat weapon came in, is better; so where is that reset to default color scheme button; *hmmm* there isn’t one.

I think the colorization of items should have a

> do you really want to change this items appearance button <

and also a > do you really want to reset the item to its default appearance <

eye candy, but important IMO.


Cancellation of Upgrades:

In real life, many times you get do-overs.

You buy something, and you decide you wish to return it; or exchange it;  or get a store credit, 

but in RR2 there are no cancellation features. I think there should be one.

Say you go for a 4,000,000 gold upgrade and decide that what would have been better for you was doing a 5,500,000 upgrade of something else,

game dev’s if you like put a service tax on this feature like 15% of the gold spent is non refundable; however give players a do-over.



Granny wondered into my Castle so many lvls ago, she stands there selling her goods, her monster eating my chickens,

she does a fancy gem trick to change her wares; I would like to see her do one special thing, and that is…

"Granny’s Good Old Fashion ALL Purpose Festival Token Exchange’

A Festival ends and FlareGames/KeenFlare give you gems in lieu of their Festival Value,

why not let players take these tokens to Granny to exchange them for “Granny’s Good Old Fashion ALL Purpose Festival Tokens”

these tokens can then be used in any Festival, for any item available during that Festival.


anyhow IF forum Mods or Game dev’s are listening, I think any and or all of my suggestions are worth considering. TY


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Color reset ? I am confused what u want to say

Cancellation of of upgrades ! Must have feature +1

Granny currency which works in all festival ? Sounds interesting +1

I think what she meant to say was something like:

"When I buy an item, it has a color.

Later on, I changed it to red, blue, or whatever.

Then I wanted to revert to the original item color, but I couldn’t."


Basically she wants a “Revert item to original color” button.

PS: The tokens seem too generic though, but I’d love a “Cancel Upgrade” button even if with some turnover tax.

Hi there,

I have asked the devs, and if I have understood correctly, there is no color combination, which you could not drag over the item again to restore the previous color. So it is not directly necessary. You basically do not lose a color.

This is not planned atm. There is however, a confirm-question if you would spend more than 100 gems to make sure you want to spend that much.


That’s different. This is about cancelling upgrades that are already in progress, so the two aren’t very comparable. Although I suppose there could as well be a confirmation pop up for upgrades too ("are you really really sure you want to spend 15 million gold on this particular thing?).

Also, I like the sound of “cancellation of granny” in the topic title and approve of the idea.