Combination of Damage and Game Mode

Hi there first time suggesting


Notice that combination damage is same with a game called warframe will they implement this on next update haha that would be cool

or they could also make combination of spells like Fire blitz = Fire+Blunt or  Frost Fire= Fire+Ice

Second hope they could make a new game mode like a coop maybe… just a lvl 100 king and raiding bases is really like getting boring just my personal opinion what this coop game is about is that you will be partnered with a member in your alliance low level or high level member is fine because when you are starting this game mode you will the same gear and same spell just like in pro leagues by just helping each other out you gain experience and gold with the same reward this will help newer player the gear rewards will scale on your level of course this is what i experience playing warframe haha my 2 friends carried me until i got the hang of it haha Note dont do a raid with coop a new idea would be great…








WF DMG 2.0.jpg

We’ve been suggesting some sort of coop for years. Doesn’t seem like flare is too interested :slightly_frowning_face:

too much complex for Flare. that why they don’t implement this. Like I have suggest in the past to add Dark and Light element. Flare only add simple task idea. Its sad 99% of idea are rejected like this :slightly_frowning_face:

Even worse, they add non-simple tasks that no one asked for, no one wanted, and make no real contribution to the game. *Ahem pals ahem*

Thats really disappointing to hear about the coop flare not taking an interest on it is really great addition on gamemode helping new players out …maybe what they are thinking is a battle royale hahaha if you know what i mean but seriously talking i think you can easily apply a co op in this game like for example they can implement this on next update where you defend your stronghold while the 1st player uses the usual troops and spells the other player will support him by airstrike or carpet bomb something like that so basically he is on overseer who can see the whole map of course there must be a voice chat … just a concept


secondly the combination of damage ok i understand  its complex but come on its awesome  for me the damage perks its mediocre not saying useless   hope that they will adapt this on future update

Last unrelated to this topic they should change about perk changing 50 gems damn so expensive and it is only a chance already cost me 200 gems and still useless perk the frustration so i gave up 

next decrease the upgrade cost of alliance tower and blacksmith because you know its really shocking to say the least that the cost of buying gems is more than a  buying TRIPLE A GAME even with a discount  getting only 30% discount …not buying… im supporting them by just getting the cheapest 30 day already had a few some wont stay too long and grind that many gems


One question are they even reading the suggestion of the community and replying


Just a concept and suggestion and opinion 

P.S. Excited for update hope its good as the trailer…

They read most of our posts, but don’t respond to many. At least, that’s what they tell us.

The business of AAA games are very different than mobile games. AAA games are usually much more costly to make and they have to give a part of the profit to more entities. IE, the profit of Battlefront 3 went to EA (production), Dinsey (licensing), Microsoft (console) and Sony (console). Other AAA games have even more people to pay, such as a publisher), game engine licencing, and any external marketing/promotion partners. They can’t afford to sell their games for free. Mobile games on the other hand are built, published and promoted in-house with little outsourcing. MMOs in particular are designed to draw you in and get you emotionally and financially invested, so you’ll keep spending. People (called “whales”) spend thousands, even tens of thousands, of real dollars on these games, those are the players they target with $100 special currency packs. 

Incidentally, that’s why they don’t add features like co-op. They can’t easily monitize it, and since people don’t pay to have the game outright, they can’t easily make the money spent developing it back. Remember, flare is a company and therefore their goal isn’t to make fun games, their goal is to make a profit. 

Personally, I disagree with the model of targeting whales. I think making a game extremely fun while not specifically targeting whales can emotionally capture more players and keep them in the game. The more players you have in your game, the more money you can make off ads. Offer chances to become stronger by watching ads (more than there are in RR2 now) and most players will. And you’ll still have the whales spend as long as you create lofty goals for them to strive for. 

Whew, that was ranty. If you’re still with me, good job :slight_smile:

It depends on how they coded the game in the first place, specifically netcode. The game was not designed for two players to be on the same track at the same time. Every frame would have to be as well synced as possible to be fair and for the feature to work. Since constantly communicating with the server is such an issue (high data usage, easily desynced, etc), raids are done client-side, meaning the information of the opponent’s defenses is sent to your phone, and the battle is conducted entirely on your phone with little to no communication with the server. When the battle ends, the phone only has to send the result of the battle, your final gem count after scrolling, etc to the server. Which is also probably why they don’t record battles, because that recording would have to be sent to and stored on the server. With 2 players, you’ll need to constantly speak to the server so it can keep your co-op partner’s client updated. Flare’s servers and the code for the game were probably not designed to handle that, so to implement a co-op game mode they would have to re-write massive portions of the game. Then comes testing/debugging/scope changes… It would be a mess. Like totally redesigning a building that’s already been built with people living inside. 

I assume you mean the damage perks on weapons. Don’t worry, your weapons get a lot more powerful as you level up. Forging is important too.

I agree, 50 (pearls, not gems) per forge is ridiculous considering you might not even get the perk you want. Some of my items costed 500+ pearls for a single forge! It becomes easier to get pearls as you level up though. Here’s a hint: only try forging in sets of 2 tries because the second attempt will always be a hit no matter what the success rate is. So if you forge once, fail, then immediately forge again, you’ll definitely get a success. But if you try once, then fail, then wait a bit, then try again, you may not get the automatic succeed. So before you forge something make sure you always have twice the amount shown!