Combo of The Day

So What was your most used combo today for the Ninja Events.

Mine was -


And you have the perfect score?

Edit: I thought it was the only combo you used. Or did you?

No pics cause i’m lazy

sonic, blades storm, shield

Arblasts, Ice/fire mages

Perfect score going into the last ship (still on cool down).

Missed one treasure chest during the whole run as my child distracted me and i hit cancel instead of retry.

I’m level 101 so I’m sure results will vary - but without cannons I can’t fail the gate and kill it in two whole spell passes (approximately 15 seconds - The initial blast up one side (0 secs), then a recharge in 15 to wipe up the other).

I used Knights, pyros and wolf all boosts.

Last time, I used gargs, this time I stuck to this combo only but…due to a crash between a raid, I have been denied 1st place even though I opened all CoF and destroyed all towers. :slightly_frowning_face:  I have the perfect score till Island 29 but cannot fight Island 30 just because of a crash. 


Shield, FS, SB - almost on all bases that had 2 towers at the gate. If there was only one tower, or no towers, I brought Shield and SB, 3rd spell was either BS or Blizzard, depending what was more useful.

If at least 2 towers  I knew I need FS and SB just to be sure.


Knight, Ogre, Wolf, all the time


Additionally, insta cannons just to be sure I can use them at any tower at the gate.


TW to help me if I had any troubles during a raid and Armagedon in a hell situation at the gate when couldn’t take down all towers with combo I posted above.


6k blizz, 13k sonic blast, 8.3k firestorm, 3.2s slowdown on toxic cloud

Pyro Monk Wolf with insta Cannon

Blessing and time warp scroll

And heres my stats, thats 160 bread btw

151 bread and 2.6% luck. Even 2.6% luck made 27/29 CoF first attempts success.

As far as I know, luck perk doesn’t have effect in event.I got 30/30 on first try without any luck perk.

You are indeed very lucky! :slight_smile:

First off, I don’t fight with tennis rackets, that’s silly.

6355 bliz
7510 FS (this will be higher for next event)
16030 SB (actually kills frozen spire in one spell)

same spells / combo :slight_smile:

I can fight with rankor or krenko too since I have both but I don’t want certain ally member to feel sad