I Think it would be good to have a thread about combos, as the introduction of pro boosts and some balance changes, changed the game in terms of possible combos a lot.

As I am really bad with long range play Styles I still use the old wok Bliz fs shield tammy combo.

I tried pyro cannons monks but it just is so slow. I always run  out of Time against the same players I beat with wok.

Btw has anyone got a Good way to use the necro in offense I tried her as a Substitute for the Knight but it just is so much more inferior. Only Advantage is the LT Immunity.

What about imgard that makes cromka say he uses it in normal raids. Superior to kaiser in terms of spell Power?

Or for instance Fritz on Paper he has amazing stats but actual Gameplay he just sucks. Big troops like ogre and wolf get pushed back and forth. Making melee playstyle extremely difficult to Controle 

And pal flute. Is it truly worth it having this instead of an actual spell? Tried it and always had disastrous results.


Re: Pal Flute I am waiting until I perk it up to the 60s before I use it.