Come back reward

So , i noticed lots of people complain and left the game recently . Its about time to bring some of the most basic thing to make gamer return a “Come back reward” . :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… not sure how helpful this will really be.


I can’t speak for others, but when I quit a game, I wouldn’t think of checking if there is any kind of return reward, so that couldn’t even be a possible reason for returning months later.

And then, in the case that - independent of knowledge about possible rewards - I would return to the game, my decision about continuing and staying in the game would rather depend on what the game is/looks/feels like now (and which old friends still are around there), and not on some one-time “welcome back gift”. If the gameplay isn’t fun, all the gems in the world won’t get me playing (=do sth with the goal of having fun), and if the game is a lot of fun, then I will play it without any additional welcome back gift. 


Also, e.g. in the example of your friend above, the decisive factor for quitting again was disappointment about the new mechanics of the game (unbalanced blacksmith), not the lack of a gift. 


Given the amount of gold and gems one needs for proceeding (especially speeding up upgrades is excessively expensive), any welcome back gift would be either neglegibly small compared to the “lost time” / delayed progress, or would have to be in the region of 10-100k gems, being obviously way too much to be realistic… 



Having that said, I of course wouldn’t mind getting a welcome back gift, but it would rather be a little “first minute cheer-up” than a reason to stick to the game after returning for a short look, or a means to catch up with progress. 

Yep , some small gitf will not do any big change to rr2 because it simply cost so much to play now lol but that all the idea i got . Hope fg creative team will come up with something better.Come back reward just my example suggest so they could think of similar ways .

To say my though that player will be more happy to see that they actually being appreciated while playing this game not just some cow being milked is my main reason to create this topic .

Personally I think Flare are more likely to give you a go away reward, once they have milked you dry of course, all the recent changes are about making people have to buy gems to keep in the game, those that don’t buy, they don’t want … and tbh from a business perspective I can understand that view, don’t like it, but understand it.

Yep,i think that go away reward name"A much less tressful life ". ^^

in time they will find the casino to be there favorite part of this app


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edit: refreshing to hear your voice of sanity flo. this place is falling to pieces w/o u :grinning:

The idea is nice, still I think the whole marketing of the game is different. You can download it an play it for free but in order to have fast and effective progress you need to buy gems, or you play it for years for free, till you get to the point to play it effectively.

A lot of players keep complaining that it is expensive, and I agree to a certain point. If I want to play a nice game, let’s say Heroes VII, I have to go in a shop and buy it for real money in order to play it, here we have the inverse.

Though gifts are nice I must admit :grinning: