Come discuss about this math problem

Recently I had a math problem. I think I know the answer but it seems interesting so would like to discuss.


The question is, how to get 3 million medals in 3 days?


My attempt in solving this math problem:


3 million in 3 days, means 1 million a day.


Assuming one can go as high as 2000 medals per raid, it will take 500 raids a day. To complete 500 raids a day successfully, assuming no failures at all, and assuming it’ll take 3 minutes (plus loading time and searching for opponent who would end up giving 2k medals with medal gear equipped), it’ll take 1500 minutes a day. Oh wait… That means it’ll take 25 hours a day.


I think the answer is “not possible”. Hmm…

Its mean shared account ?

It’s definitely a shared account.

I will try to report the whole RL???.

May be he gets more than 2000,

Now its possible extra bonus given by pro items 10% + 2 medals items 30-35% may be high as he is maxed level + bonus getting in top 10 players 25-50 % , if it is on rank 1,

Easily earn upto 2500 medals.

Or may be more i think

Continuesly playing for 3 days , not possible

He gonna eat , toilet and many stuff to do,

Or right it is sharing account.

Last maxed score was 2.3M may be that i saw yet , it was year ago or may be more than it

Players : 77lotc 

Present condition is much different.



Is it possible doing it during Festival + Ninja event when medals we got increasing from normal one?

Nope. Medal bonuses don’t work on festivals or Ninja event, thus, at higher levels, normal raids actually give more medals.

The highest bonus one can get is 92% (50 from top 10, 32 from perks, and another 10 from pro bonus).


One will have to be attacking a 1300++ medal player to get 2500 with the bonuses. Unfortunately, at top 10, that’s just not possible. When you’re at top 10, you’ll be lucky to even see a player giving you 1200. Most of them range from 950-1100.


On average, it is about 2000 medals per raid.

Slow polson banned for cheating. 

Most players have been banned then unbanned of RL

Why flare unban cheaters? 

…cause flare wants them to learn a lesson! It never pays to cheat…wait, so why are they in the game… :lol: 

also you get kicked off after playing too many hours.

It might be possible to be accomplished by a single (probably running on air-only) person.

Considering the dungeon option:

Average of 1200 medals for a fast run of 60s + 10s (to rejoin the level) --> 1200/70 medals/second = 17.4 M/s —> 1028 M/minute

Round it up to 1000 M/min (tested)

For 3,000,000 Medals are required 3000 mins = 50 hrs

Between 3 days:

  • 50/3 = 16.6 hrs --> 17 hrs per day
  • 24-17 = 7 hrs left for body requirements.

The gem cost (for food):

  • 100 gems for 1400 food
  • 600 food per dungeon run
  • 3000 runs.
  • Food required: 3000*600 = 1,800,000.
  • Gems required: 1,800,000 * (100/1400) = 128,572


Show us a dungeon that you can run in 60 seconds with 1200 medals as reward then I’ll believe you.

Don’t discuss

Only possible with sharing acc.

Yes, quite probably was a shared account, my scenario still demands a lot to the human body. Those 17 hrs is pure playing, no distractions, no failed runs, for 3 days.

The dungeon time is possible. Try Vein of Gold XXVII or Vein of Gold XXVIII.


Go on, post a video and show us how you do it within 60 seconds, otherwise, it’s just pure conjecture. As it stands, it is as true as me saying I can defeat top 10 bases with just my King without spell and without troops.

I have measured that rate, but I do understand why the evidence is required. I just recorded the video, enjoy: