Come join GrimmReapinng

Hello ,  I am King (Queen really lol


I try to think on myself as fair but stern leader  I am still learning the ropes but  I feel confident in myself and the alliance  I form  .Have some opening for my alliance (10/12) lvl 7 . All is welcome to join , I just ask that you donate , I do not care what amount  you donate just that you do .  I also ask that you be an active player .   I try to make big donating on my part so that I that can have players on whatever level .  I promote all my soldiers to generals when they become lvl 10 and up . 


My goal for this alliance 

  • Everyone to become friends and have fun 
  • enter the top 10 ranking in alliances
  • Be in the top 3 rank when we go to war
  • Have Vincent Mackenzie in my alliance ( self goal I know)
  • I really want my top favorites to be in alliance 

( Please excuse my grammar errors English was not my best subject ) lol  :slight_smile:

(11/12) now . We are small not but we will be big and great later on