Come on Flaregames

Since the last update the game has been a mess! I understand things happen but the longer you take to fix these things the more people quit. 

You are ending another war season and giving NO compensation for this. 

I advise to FG to start giving out some Titan chests or gems for compensation on all these mess ups. Keep us happy and people won’t quit. 

In my opinion it seems you don’t really care about your customers and that you’re happy if this game dies. 

In closing, GET IT TOGETHER and stop wreaking the game all of us love. 

P.s Time for some new troops/towers it’s been way to long 

they cause us torch bug issue, i contacted support still no fix no answer no nothing , totally being ignored ?

I’m sure the company know problem very well bro, they must have system to check how many account active and deactive!

they also may bound by policies and lack of resources to solve big problems! 

Sure many people has dropped, but they developers can’t do better I guess! That’s what they pay for, losing customers for now and expect new comers in future ?

200 gems…

That’s like adding fuel to the fire.