Come to HOMERUN SMASHERS, new alliance looking for start up members and generals

I hope to eventually make this alliance top 250. I need people to help start it up, the sooner you join, the sooner you are a general.



Hey there, that’s quite a task, making it to 250, but with the right players you can! Good luck in your quest!

This alliance still exist? I don’t find it whatever I try in search

lol I guess he deleted it, sorry, didn’t know that, my bad

Wait, let him send you an invite. Hopefully that will work lol

Ok I will activate my invitation

This alliance still exists, if you turn on invites, I’l invite you. Thanks. ?

sorry forget to write its done since over 10 minutes lol. Go you can send me the invitation. I will accept later. Busy right now on OR

I can’t yet, @Warriornator, the advanced search…wait, scratch that…the advanced NOT search makes it where I can’t find you.

Warriornator 3 not just Warriornator. If after that you can’t find me well its weird

Hey, you should know that the alliance cant be found because it’s spelled different. You have it listed here as HOMERUN SMASHERS when the alliance name is HOME RUN SMASHERS. Note the space between home and run.

The OP should change it and edit his post.

For now 4 place to go. After I will up to level 6 and start to accumulate gold for boost for the War Season

For now we have 202k per day. Not bad but we want more. So join

I think RR2 is too much in died state :slightly_frowning_face: new alliance don’t work anymore. when we find some they stop playing after just few days. Nice try but I think I will leave and continue to improve my account. Wait for 4.0 maybe at this moment new player will arrive.

Leave the game or the alliance? 

lol If I write improve my account. I think that was clear enough? that means I leave of this alliance to improve my account lol. Nothing more to understand. I can retry later with 4.0 maybe will give me a chance to improve my donation. If the brother of awesomestknightest still play the game. I am sure 4.0 will bring more new players into the game. Hope so because for now at low level its totally died. that why I try to hurry to up in leaderboard and in level. But its hard with the new system. you up at 12 and if you fail by a stupid mistake you lose -40 each time. I am stuck at 1,300 trophy since few months.Because of this I don’t find decent gold. Im stuck in a bad loop.

I just don’t understand how leaving an alliance is better to improve your account?

I can’t fathom playing an online game alone, specially when many benefits are only rewarded if you play as a team? (ninjas, wars…)

because for me its better alone. That match more with my playstyle. I am better alone than in a alliance. Alone you get less attack and no pressure or stress if you have a problem of internet or whatever and you cannot come and be active. Alone you can play when you want,etc…You will see later when I will be level 100+ and all max all alone

Ok, it’s a personal choice. Alright then.

I think you’re just missing the right alliance then.

Probably an alliance less competitive and more friendly.

I talk by myself when I’m staying for long periods of time in one alliance, because I like the people in it.

Instead of chasing an alliance only by its boosts like some random jumpers do (which I hate)  :angry:

I will see more when I will be at level 100. At this level I will enjoy more with my stuffs max and skulls perk etc… I don’t have skulls perk and my donation is low. So I don’t see any benefit for me to join a alliance. For that I have my sub on my ipad to enjoy alliance part. So this way I use 100% of the game. Solo and Multi :grinning: