Come to Urban. Active members. No egos.

We hit a rough patch after getting as highly ranked as 30. We lost many high level players to personal issues etc. We are looking for players who love to blitz and WIN ALLIANCE WARS. Because after you get to level 95+ the war map can become tedious. We have tons of knowledge passed down to us from long time members and a special consultant named Whiskers. Good humor in the group. We speak English but have members who speak French, Italian, Vietnamese, and English. We don’t care about rankings etc. We are about the war map. Look us up or tell me your name and I will invite you.  

This is Fangwarrior from War Lordz. Would you be interested in possibly merging our two clans. We keep having a hard time getting players who want to participate in the wars, etc. If you are interested in discussing this, please get with us here or we are on the Line app. Just search for validus1.