Communication Improvements

This post will come with shortened translations. Here is the language list so far:

  1. English

  2. Russian


Hello, I am writing in the name of my Alliance. Here are some suggestions that should improve the management of guild and some other aspects. Especially interesting for International alliances:


  1. Polls

Up to 3 Polls should be possible, with description and 3-4 options (depending on the usage it will give 4x3=12 or 4^3=64 possible outcomes, with simultaneous requests).

Chat is not enough to make decisions, especially because the text disappears. What we need is a way of making commutative decisions. Having 3 Polls would allow international alliances ask same question in 3 different languages, or if necessary make important decisions.


  1. More ranks.

We would need at least one more rank (officier?) to improve aliance management. Permissions for ranks should be manageable by leader.


  1. Flags for war map

We would need 3-7 different flags (different colors? like black, white, grey, green, blue, red, yellow), and the possibility to place 5-10 flags at same time.

There should also be an editable legend/decription for the flags, either somewhere around the map, or under alliance info. (we tend for the latter.)

By this we could mark more important enemies, attacking strategies, and tell our comrades, where they must fight more then 3 fights.


We are an international alliance, and right now we use the alliance message as best as we can to run the internal communication. Having two major languages and so many issues, which we have to handle sometimes - this easely becomes a mess.

The chat itself is pretty good for the purpose it serves - short and live communication. But it is incapable to help us run the alliance the way we need it, without external tools, homepages or whatever.


Я пишу от имени всего альянса. Тут некоторые предложения, которые должны значительно улучшить коммуникацию и управление: 1. Опросы. До трех опросов с 3-5 опций. 2. Больше ранков, нам необходимо как минимум 3 (офицеры). Разрешения должен регулировать лидер. 3. Флажки для карты войны. Надо от 3 до 7 флажков разных цветов, с настраиваемой легендой на самой карте, или в информации ала.

+3 all good ideas

I am pretty sure, that some of the alliances would like to have a “blacklist”, to ban jumpers. A list pf ~50 players would be good…