I like the sentence in conquest guide. “This activity required lots of communications”. Some examples. “Rooky09 move to the field 123”. Rooky09 - “Sir I am on the other side of the map sir”. “Rooky09 you are next to me in the tower with 3 other players” Rooky09 - “No sir. I am 18 hours away from you. It’s a Ghost In that tower :)”

 I think tower guard need to be identified on the list of tower. Rooky09 don’t even know she was assigned to the tower, I am not talking about which one.

Another event. Attacking tower. My name on the list changed to the “Tower Guard”. Looking on the enemy’s   name - “Tower Guard” No button for fight. 23h 59m later score 0:0 Tower disappeared, banner “War lost” I am on same place on the horse. Sorry donkey. If it’s a bug I will take a credit for it :slight_smile:

And two more things. On FAQ "Can player block opposite team?’ answer “YES” If less than 24 hours left, 3 players can block others in narrow places. In other places number very.  Tower construction not going on pause under attack. You only can finish it after attack (if you lucky. Lol )

Yes, 3 players in a row can block enemy, because you can only jump 3 fields. gg