I wish that the game could communicate with each player separately. Sometimes there are some questions that I would like to discuss with one player.

I hope the developers will add private chat feature , copy/paste feature in the near future.

We do need an in-chat messaging system… a very simple one, it doesn’t have to be live, just an inbox thing. Poeple are forced to use 2-3-4 apps to communicate. Generals use more than that, because some players can’t use a certain type of chat app.

An inbox messaging system, open to all members (not just alliance), is usually a standard. I am not sure why there isn’t one, people do communicate in the end, so why make it harder? A person can have it blocked or completely shut down if he wants to.

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I think it’s because the chat system wasn’t developed in house and it has reached the absolute limit of customization possible. Global chat/inbox messaging/etc… would require building or licensing a brand new chat applet.

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