Community Reinforcements! More CMs!

Hello Royal Revolt 2 Community!


I am Aether , your very new Community Manager! I will be joining forces with Jack and we will (together with all of you) make this community great.


About me:

I have worked as a volunteer in gaming companies for many years: I did everything from moderator and game master to board admin, or even tester or translator. I love spending time on forums and interacting with players.

Before starting at Flaregames, I have studied computer science for a while, but I was always looking to turn my gaming hobby into my job. When I got the opportunity to join Flaregames, I immediately jumped at the chance and now I´m very excited to work in a gaming company!

I’ve been playing games since I was a little kid. I’m mostly into strategy (X-Com), RPGs (Dragon Age, Divinity: Original Sin) and MMORPGs (Guild Wars 2) and I love trying out everything out there, which shows in my always growing games collection (closing in on 600…).

About a year ago, I started playing more games on mobile (since I got my Sony Xperia Z1 compact) and started to love those more and more. Now I’m playing more Royal Revolt 2 of course :slight_smile:


About my job:

I see my job as a bridge between the community and the company/developers. The most important thing for me is to understand you and your needs. If I am able to know the players of my community, I really think it will help for the communication in the future.


I promise to be here for you.


You are here to play the game, to have fun, to talk to each other and to contribute to a game and a community that you love. I am here to support you and keep the community alive and well.

I know that many of you complained about a lack of information/communication in the past. I want this time to be over. I want to give better updates to both the community and the developers, and keep them both informed of what is going on. 


I am very glad to be on board and can’t wait to know you (and the game) more.

Feel free to add me in game (IGN: Aether). I am still a beginner but I hope with some help from all of you my knowledge of the game will increase a lot and we will have fun together :slight_smile:


If you have any question, just go ahead and don’t hesitate to ask me what you have in mind.

Welcome!!! :slight_smile:

Yes! Yes! Yes! :wink:

Thanks for the warm welcome!  :wink:

thank god,!!! jack was getting boring :stuck_out_tongue:


I just woke up so no barely long post for me, and i did make a post…then i pressed tab and pressed backspace because i didnt know what the tab did in the forums( and i worked so hard on that post, and it was hilarious :slightly_frowning_face:


Welcome to the forums aether(i already like you for multiple reasons), congrats on getting the job and getting your dream job


Greetings from the royal revolt community,

            and the one that was nice enough to make this post(im talking about me if you couldnt tell)


Hey Silver!


I appreciate your message, it’s great being welcomed like this when you start a job

Also, once you are awake (more), would you mind telling me why do you like me already? :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t forget to get a good breakfast!

welcome of course. I hope you can tell us what the RR devs have in store and how long we have to wait for new content. In as much detail as they will tell you, I’m sure they’ll want to keep some of their plans a secret, but spill the beans whenever you can.

Hey weebo!


Thanks a lot!


As soon as I get informations I can share with you, I will gladly do it!

Did you check the facebook page of Royal Revolt already? There may be some teasing for you… :wink:

just say welcome…then leave the topic(dont rush him, he’s new at this :grinning:

Welcome Aether

I hope your new job will be fun and challenging :slight_smile:

Hey soma!


Thanks for your kind words! 

I am sure this job will be great, I already love it, and for the challenges, I am sure they will be there as well :slight_smile:

Edited my post…

Ahaha, I would be a good “crazy cat woman” maybe, but a mom…  :slight_smile:


Sorry for the video games listing, I will try to keep it short next time I talk about something I like!


About the posting part, I am the community manager of Royal Revolt 2, so I am completely dedicated to the game, which allows me much more time for you, guys and girls…

Jack is more formal than I am, but I can assure you he is far from a robot. I am just acting like I would do in real life, just being myself, it’s probably (at least for my point of view) the first step for being honest towards you :slight_smile:


I will try to do my best for the community and keep you amazed (not only by me but by the game and the community as well  :stuck_out_tongue:

no need to apologize(id love to know more about that so i can find out more and assassinate my victim when i get him off guard…i didnt say this out loud, you aint hear nothing)


and true that jack is human and more formal and since you are acting as you would do in real life is probably something jack would never be willing to do(but who knows maybe because of this post he has been challenged and will show more of his uninteresting life to be a better community manager than you(not gonna work…#battleofthecommunitymanagers, id pay to watch that)


Keep up the good work or else…wait what…you aint hear nothing  :ph34r:

Hi Aether, welcome on the boat  :slight_smile:

So nice to meet you, and as you mentioned even more good is the fact that exist the forum, it’s probably the best thing where everyone can express their opinions in different ways as possible on any area of the game ! A really cool hobby !

About the game: you need lot of time for everything you have to do (upgrades of waves, towers, spells troops, etc) so if you have it this isn’t a problem ^^, but i think that since now the hobby (playing on games) it’s became a job (community manager) i think time to play is short for you like also for Jack  :wink:

However don’t worry this rr2 forum is full of wise people that will help you surely with any kind of problems in game.

Also if you are interested, but i’m not sure…, a warm hand to fill the wikia of Royal Revolt 2: it is always welcome !

However thanks to be part of us, i’m sure you will find a good place  :slight_smile:

 opelle…manners, aether is a newb here you cant just drop such a…i dont know what word to use…oh i know!.. dont drop such a donald trump!  :wink:

Hey oPelle!


First, thanks a lot for your contribution to the game and the community, I already used your wiki quite a lot actually, it is very helpful, for a lot of various topics.

I will actually have time to play the game, it is part of my job! :slight_smile:

It is just actually really hard to keep up with the food, especially since I don’t have any videos for food either… So I have to deal without them. Before arriving on the forums, I didn’t even have any idea it existed! So I fully understand the concerns about this. ^^

I may require your help (and the help of the community) for some guides I have in mind in the future, so I will probably get in touch with you very soon, if you don’t mind of course!