Community Spotlight



Hi guys,

I think we have a great community and I would like to spotlight more of our members :slight_smile:

?Love the way your King’s outfit looks?

?Loving your defense set-up?


?You make the best game guides on YouTube?

:heart:You think we really need to hear your in-game story?

Share it with us in the comments of this post! We will add our favorite screenshots [to our album on Facebook]( tn =-UC-R) and maybe give you a shout out on our Facebook page!

(I am aware we have a section for funny screenshots and content creator’s as well on here and please continue to use them, but this thread should collect all of this plus the condition that you have to be comfortable to be possibly shared on Facebook :grinning:


Very awesome thread here!!! I do have a question though, am I able post some of my dungeon guides here?


I know you are a content creator, so I would suggest the following :slight_smile:

Pick your best video and maybe (since I know you do art as well) your best drawing and post it in one comment together :slight_smile:


I don’t get this topic? can you explain more? what we should do? its a event contest or something like this?


It’s kinda like an event. The best post gets to be in the SPOTLIGHT! Just post…


…one of these and you’re eligible!


This is my most viewed video!!

This is the Viking I drew!! 




it is not a contest.

Every once in a while, we will share pictures, tutorials, screenshots from the community that we like on our Facebook page and/or on our official Twitter.

Our community is so creative, so it will be awesome to spotlight some members!